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Covid-19 and Decontamination Cleaning Services: Importance in Healthcare and Medical Facilities

03 December 2020

While more and more countries are continuously testing and coming up with appropriate vaccines, the fight against COVID-19 still goes on today. And one of the most helpful ways in eradicating the virus in a given space or area is through thorough decontamination cleaning. Decontamination itself is a process of eliminating contaminants on a specific […]

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Commercial Spring Cleaning: Tidy Up Before the Holiday Season

20 November 2020

The holiday season is fast approaching, which is why owners of commercial spaces must now prioritise the cleaning and sanitisation of their places. After all, it is guaranteed to be much enjoyable if they and other people temporarily leave these spaces without any signs of dirt, microbes, and other hidden issues. Commercial spring cleaning must […]

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Body Corporate Cleaning: Why Hire Ausbright Facilities Management?

06 November 2020

Corporate buildings are typically comprised of rooms and facilities that can be spacious and are filled with a lot of things. These areas are likewise equipped with electrical components, pipes, and other furnishings that may be difficult to maintain. Given the complexity of corporate buildings, a lot of their owners tend to just hire basic […]

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Major Considerations When Choosing to Hire Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Melbourne

21 October 2020

Most of the time, the windows found on commercial buildings can be sensitive to harsh cleaning procedures. And so, to take care of the appearance and quality of these windows, building owners should allocate some money in hiring a professional and reliable cleaning company. Hiring a good cleaning company can surely prevent any unintentional or […]

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Office Cleaning Services in Melbourne: How a Clean Workplace Can Benefit Your Business

09 October 2020

The physical condition and arrangement of a workplace can significantly affect the way a business operates and works. Without any cleaning or maintenance procedures, it would be difficult for both the employer and employees to concentrate on their jobs. They might also get distracted and even acquire sickness due to the presence of dirty and […]

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