Hygiene Services

Ausbright’s proactive washroom hygiene solutions and specialist cleaning services ensures that your washroom consistently meets a high standard of hygiene.

  • Air Fresheners– Your washrooms will stay fresh and welcoming with our fragrance and pure air freshening units.
  • Consumables – you will never be short of consumables with our quality standard products. Ausbright will provide all types of toilet paper, hand towel and liquid soap
  • Soap Dispensers – we provide service to match your industry health requirements. Much like all of our other services, you don’t have to lift a finger! We replenish them on a regular basis with the appropriate soap.
  • Sanitary Disposal Service – A Sanitary Disposal Service is vital in the female toilets. Sanitary items aren’t designed to be flushed down the toilet because they block the plumbing and harm the environment by polluting the waterways.This service is cost effective and brings many advantages such as:
    • Good hygiene practices
    • Compliance with OH&S and Public liability insurance
    • Giving the choice to Staff and visitors
    • Disposal is safe secure and discreet out of reach of other users
    • Protecting your business goodwill and reputation
  • WC & Urinal Sanitizing Service –  Every time the toilet or urinal is flushed, bacteria from deposited urine etc. spread in the air through tiny water vapours which can causes contamination and bad odours in the toilet and washroom. WC and urinal sanitizing systems are designed to clean pipes and urinals to prevent malodours and the build-up of bacteria, lime scale, and uric acid. The units sanitize areas where normal cleaning cannot reach.