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Proactive Hygiene Solutions that Can Maintain Germ-Free Washroom Facilities

25 September 2020

The ongoing pandemic situation has provided many property owners a clear reason why maintaining the cleanliness of their facilities is essential. For commercial, industrial, and public properties, cleaning these spaces regularly can truly prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. People who will be passing by, working, or conducting any activity on these properties can […]

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Ozone Generators: How they Work and Why They’re Ideal for Mal-Odours around Garbage Compactors

09 September 2020

When it comes to garbage disposal, a lot of properties utilise garbage compactors due to their useful benefits. They can easily reduce the size and volume of garbage materials by compacting and crushing them with the help of hydraulics. And as these materials are compacted, the number of garbage hauls, mal-odours, and collection costs are […]

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Business and Facility Opening after Lockdown: Why Preparedness Matters

28 August 2020

Lockdowns that revolve around businesses and facilities may be unusual before, but the current global health crisis has changed the way we perceive them. Locking down businesses and facilities are essential so that the total COVID-19 infections will not significantly rise. Businesses may temporarily stop earning but following lockdown protocols allow them to help the […]

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Protection and Safety of Commercial Cleaning Providers and Workers During Covid19 Pandemic

13 August 2020

While the whole world anticipates the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines and medications, various government agencies are still asking for the public’s cooperation in mitigating the spread of the virus. From physical distancing to the wearing of masks, countries are now adapting numerous safety measures just to keep everyone safe from the said virus. The impact […]

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Risk Management: Assessment and Procedures in Commercial Cleaning During Covid-19 Pandemic

30 July 2020

Commercial cleaning has been always a part of building maintenance for commercial facilities like offices, stores, and others. But the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way these facilities are cleaned and maintained. Government officials and authorities have come up with comprehensive guidelines that can help people who are conducting commercial cleaning […]

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