Risk Management


Staff Recruitment

Our policy on employment at Ausbright is to employ, permanent full-time or permanent part- time staff. We employ casual workers as relief staff in the event of sickness and or annual leave.
Ausbright is committed to paying the standard Award and Allowance. We provide appropriate training to obtain ‘accreditation’.

Our employees are trained by Jena Dyco International, the leading training provider for the Carpet Cleaning, Restoration & Associated Industries.

Ausbright operates a highly inclusive operation. We involve our staff in decision making, actively seeking their input into matters such as: Health and Safety, Quality Assurance and Work Practices. Through this approach, we have been able to retain most of our staff for many years.


Training and Development

Initial Training

New employees are provided with ‘on the job’ training. The extent of the training is determined by the employee’s previous experience.

Initial training covers:

  • Chemicals
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Occupational Health & safety (OH &S)

Training follows our “Employee Work Instructions” handbook. All employees are provided with a copy of this handbook.

On-going Training

The Director is responsible for identifying the competencies, skills and experience required by all employees including supervisors to ensure their success.

risk-management1A Supervisor is appointed and is responsible in maintaining, a Skills and Training Matrix that identifies the employees with the nominated competencies, skills and experience. This Skills and Training Matrix will be capable of indicating when a training or instruction need has been identified.

The Supervisor consistently monitors the employees so that any additional training or skill needs are identified and recorded on the Skills and Training Matrix.

Competency reviews are conducted and this Skills and Training Matrix is updated on a six monthly basis and/ or when:

  • A new employee has joined Ausbright Facilities Management – on the first day of commencement
  • When the employee has changed jobs/ tasks or a new service is developed.

The Supervisor will ensure that on the completion of training, or where competencies are upgraded, the details are entered into the Skills and Training Matrix.

All our Supervisors are required to have completed an Asset Maintenance Course or related qualification. This includes house training on staff supervision, customer service and all the Company’s Policies and Procedures.