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The Impact of a Clean Shopping Centre to Customers

22 June 2021

Shopping centres are often visited by customers due to the products and services that are being offered by their key establishments. The convenience that these spaces bring in terms of acquiring these elements is unmatched, which is why a lot of people tend to go, shop, and relax in these places. However, people will only […]

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General Strategies in Cleaning Healthcare Facilities

07 June 2021

A clean property is generally important to ensure that all people inside its premises will be safe from obtaining any diseases or illnesses. Additionally, it will allow people to feel more confident and comfortable while they are inside the property. One property that requires thorough cleaning and maintenance is the healthcare facility. Since many patients […]

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Notable Facts about Offices that Make Office Cleaning Essential

24 May 2021

In a regular working week, offices are often filled with a lot of employees. And with their presence alone, different surfaces and areas of these places can get dirty easily. They might even cause some issues and problems if the cleaners assigned to certain areas do not conduct their cleaning activities well. This is the […]

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How Do Disinfectants Work Against Covid-19 Virus?

10 May 2021

As more countries obtain their needed supply of vaccines, the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic is definitely starting to slow down. However, authorities are still urging everyone to follow health protocols to ensure that the overall cases will not soar again. Proper cleaning and disinfection of surfaces are likewise recommended to prevent COVID-19 microbes from […]

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One Year in Pandemic: How Coronavirus Has Reshaped the Cleaning Industry

28 April 2021

There are a lot of industries around the world that has been hugely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of them have seen and experienced a significant decline in terms of revenues and profitability. Others, however, saw an opportunity to rise and offer services that are truly needed during these times. One industry that has […]

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