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Our Top Of The Line Bathroom and Toilet Cleaning Service

08 September 2022

Most people consider the bathroom the most private place in the house. We make it appear the way we are most at ease with it and accessorise it with things that make us feel good about ourselves. The cleanliness of our bathroom must be maintained regardless of whether or not we decide to adorn it with elaborate decorations or go for a more understated style. Because of this, the bathroom has a propensity to become unclean quite quickly, which presents a bit of a challenge. Because it is an issue that affects all of us, we must all find a solution to it, which may be a very time-consuming endeavour if we are unsure of the best way to go.

To our good fortune, here at Ausbright Facilities Management, we have a staff of skilled cleaners that have been well educated in all aspects of the cleaning process. Please continue reading to learn more about our high-quality bathroom cleaning service and how we do it.

Bathroom Sink Cleaning

The bathroom sink is one of the fixtures that gets the most use on a typical day. Because of this, it is essential to clean it regularly and to do it appropriately. We put on some gloves, grab a sponge, and some cleaning solution to get the job done. In addition, we believe it is essential always to get ourselves ready to clean a lot. In the sink and the drain, gunk, soap residue, rust, and other grime have accumulated over time. Because of this, we must clean them once every one to two weeks, depending on how often the sink is used.

After cleaning the sink well with the brush, we next give the entire thing a final rinsing with some warm water. We take the necessary precautions to remove any trace of water by mopping the area with a fresh towel that is lint-free after that.

Glass Shower Panel Maintenance

You will not have to do much cleaning if you have a glass shower divider. We begin cleaning the shower divider by spraying it with a glass cleaning agent, then giving it a good wash with a sponge, and last using the squeegee to remove any extra water. The process is quite quick and doesn’t need any effort at all.

Bathtub Cleaning

Spraying the bathtub with detergent and then letting it work on its own to break down the grime is all that has to be done here. If you have a shower, we will spray the areas you want to be cleaned, and then, once more, we will let the detergent do its thing and dissolve all of the filth.

Deep Toilet Scrubbing

This is almost often the dirtiest part of a restroom. Therefore you should avoid going here. To clean it, we will need gloves, toilet cleaning soap, a toilet cleaning sponge, and a toilet cleaning brush.

The first thing we do is give the interior of the toilet bowl a thorough washing with the toilet brush and then fill the bowl with toilet cleaning solution and let it sit for a few minutes. We make it a point to immerse the brush in water and let it sit there while we attend to the other aspects of the cleaning. After that, we get a sponge, pour some multi-purpose cleaning solution onto it, begin scrubbing it from the highest point to the lowest, and continue until it is completely clean. We make it a point to carefully examine each component of the toilet and give it a careful cleaning regularly.

These are only some of the many ways we do our bathroom cleaning service. If you wish to experience more of our top-notch bathroom cleaning process, call us today and set an appointment.

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