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4 Main Areas to Prioritise when Cleaning Your Corporate Office

06 January 2022

Businesses often maximise properties to ensure that their daily operations can be done optimally. And as they grow and expand in their respective industries, they would typically acquire additional spaces where their corporate offices will be located.

Corporate offices are normally referred to as the headquarters of a specific company or corporation. They typically allow the top executives of the company to conduct their respective responsibilities, meet, and come up with decisions that will be pivotal to their general operations. Given the purpose of corporate offices, they must be cleaned and maintained properly and thoroughly.

Numerous areas in your corporate office should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Some areas that you must prioritise during your cleaning activities are as follows:

  1. Front Entrance or Lobby

Your corporate office will never be complete without a front entrance or a lobby. This specific place is intended to keep clients and visitors comfortable while waiting for their entry permission. If this specific area has dirty floors and grimy surfaces, then it will only provide clients and visitors with a bad impression of your place. Alternatively, cleaning the floors, chairs, tables, door handles, and other surfaces of the front entrance or the lobby can give them a decent experience inside your property.

  1. Office Door Handles

Another area where cleaning must be done thoroughly is the rooms, particularly their door handles. One of the dirtiest elements inside a corporate office is the door handles. After all, many people are going in and out of various rooms every day. Some people who may have touched the handle might have some dirty microbes on their hands. Once other people touch the same handle, they might end up getting sick. Cleaning and sanitising the door handles can keep you and others from obtaining diseases.

  1. Flooring and Carpeting

Aside from office door handles, the flooring and carpeting inside your corporate office can easily accumulate dirt, dust, and other similar particles in just one day. Without conducting a thorough clean on these areas, they can effectively affect the overall quality of the workplace. They may end up impairing air quality, cause deterioration to the building structure, and generate injuries. Depending on their material, they must be cleaned with the right cleaning tools and agents to preserve their quality.

  1. Corporate Workstations

Of course, a corporate office will never be complete without its precious workstations. While the top executives of the company are meeting about their business’s performance and other crucial things, their employees must still work to keep everything going. But to make them work effectively, you must ensure that their workstations will be free from viruses and bacteria. Some workstation elements that must be cleaned and sanitised are chair arms, desks, light switches, phones, computers, and printers.

If you want some help in cleaning your corporate office, you can call us at Ausbright Facilities Management. We have a specialised team for banks and other office cleaning services in Melbourne. This specialised team has undergone office cleaning training with a natural talent for detail, performing daily floor and surface cleaning, sanitising toilets & bathrooms, and window cleaning.

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