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4 Reasons Why You Should Acquire Cleaning Services from Ausbright

25 March 2022

Property owners nowadays want to ensure that their homes, buildings, and other properties will be clean and sanitised all the time. Hence, they would normally coordinate with cleaning professionals to make their properties free from dirty elements and harmful microbes.

However, not all cleaning professionals and companies can offer high-quality services. Some companies may offer a wide range of cleaning services, but they might not be able to finish the required cleaning and sanitation works in a specified time. Other companies might not even have all the necessary cleaning tools and products in conducting the services that they have promised to carry out.

We, at Ausbright Facilities Management, know the significance of a clean and sanitised property. Hence, we make sure that all necessary qualities of a reputable cleaning company have been achieved and will always be attained. Here are some reasons why you should acquire cleaning services from us.

  1. Complete Certifications 

One of the reasons you should acquire cleaning services from us is that we possess complete certifications. Certifications are essential as they prove that all cleaning personnel possess the needed expertise regarding cleaning tasks. They can likewise ensure that these professionals can conduct tasks safely. Some certifications that our contractors have are Certificate 11/111 in Asset Maintenance (BRIT), High-Risk Work (Boom License), Work Safe Construction Induction (Red Card), and OH&S Certification for Health & Safety Representatives, Manager, and Supervisors.

  1. Comprehensive System

Another reason why you must opt for our cleaning services is that we follow an in-house comprehensive system. Our very own Ausbright Integrated Management System is comprised of defined policies and procedures that allow us to conduct our services based on the requirements of the Standards of ISO 9001, ISO 4801, and ISO 14001. With our system, we can make sure that all our services can significantly satisfy your cleaning needs. It can also help us comply with any regulations necessary for the services and achieve continual performance improvements.

  1. Rigorous Recruitment

Complete certifications and excellent systems will not work if the hired employees do not conduct their jobs effectively. And so, we have ensured that our staff recruitment will be rigorous. Once we hired our employees, we make sure that they undergo training under Jena Dyco International, a leading training provider for carpet cleaning, restoration, and other associated industries. We, however, guarantee that our employees are included in decision making, granting them the opportunity to provide insights regarding health and safety, quality insurance, and work practices.

  1. Comprehensive Services

One more reason why you must opt for our services is we offer a wide range of cleaning services to various properties. Some properties that we can cover are offices, schools, banks, supermarkets, hospitals, age care centres, and retail stores. As for the areas, we can effectively clean toilets, bathrooms, floors, car parks, and landscaping. Most properties and areas can be cleaned by our cleaning professionals thanks to their accompanying certifications and licenses. We also provide them with a complete set of cleaning products and tools so they can get everything done.

To employ our cleaning services, just call us at Ausbright Facilities Management.

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