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All the Health Risks associated with Unclean Workspaces

05 August 2021

Many people would consider numerous things before working in a company. For one, they would like to know first all the benefits and compensation that they could obtain while serving the business. Additionally, they might consider the distance of the office to their respective homes.

And speaking of the office, one more thing that they would consider before accepting a job offer is the physical condition of the workplace. A lot of employees and employers would agree that working in an office that is clean and organised can help boost their overall performance. Working in the said place can also enhance their productivity and even improve their health.

Unclean workspaces, alternatively, can boast several health risks to the people who will be working or even visiting the said places. Some of these health risks are as follows:

Illnesses from Viruses and Bacteria

Workspaces should be cleaned and disinfected frequently so that all disease-causing microorganisms will be eradicated. High-touch areas such as taps, buttons, keyboards, tables, and door handles must be sanitised frequently since they can obtain tons of viruses and bacteria in just a short time. Failure to eliminate these microorganisms would only lead to people obtaining illnesses such as salmonella, strep throat, common cold, and flu. It can likewise lead to more people taking sick leaves, which can then affect the overall productivity and performance of the business.

Sickness from Mould Exposure

Another element in workspaces that must be cleaned regularly is mould. Moulds can be found in areas where moisture is abundant. Some can be found on ceilings, windows, sinks, toilets, and pipes, while others may linger around wood products. The presence of moulds in these areas does not only affect their appearance but can also affect the health of the people in the workplace. After prolonged exposure to mould, a lot of people might experience symptoms like nausea, headaches, skin irritation, dizziness, and fatigue, which can affect their overall drive to work properly.

Stress and Other Mental Health Issues

One more element in workspaces that can affect the performance of employees and even employers is clutter. The presence of unnecessary clutter in an office can be unpleasant to look at. And if an office will remain cluttered for a long time, many people who are working in the said place might start to feel anxious and bothered about their surroundings. Some might even feel uneasy when coming to work. Other effects of unnecessary clutter on the workplace to people include increased stress, unhealthier eating habit, less efficient visual processing and thinking, and troubled self-reported wellbeing.

All these health risks can significantly affect the way most workspaces operate. Fortunately, they can be easily eradicated by reliable cleaning professionals, who can conduct various types of cleaning and disinfection services to commercial properties. If you need to have your workspace serviced, you can call us at Ausbright Facilities Management. We are a facilities management & body corporate cleaning company operating in the Melbourne CBD, surrounding suburbs, and rural areas.

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