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Autumn Cleaning Checklist for School Facilities

15 March 2018

Winter can take its toll on all types of buildings, including school facilities. To prevent as many problems as possible, it is wise for school authorities to draw up and follow an autumn cleaning checklist. The items on this checklist will not just ensure that the school buildings are aesthetically attractive and clean, but they also will help catch any minor issues to prevent you from facing major repairs that the budget may or may not be able to handle. We provide you with a sample checklist of this nature in the following information.

Inspect Your HVAC System to Ensure It Will Work All Through the Winter

It is vital that you inspect your HVAC system in the Autumn to ensure that you have sufficient heat during the cold weather of winter. An inspection will catch any issues that require attention, whether they are on a maintenance level or repair level.

Perform Other Preventative Maintenance

On top of a HVAC inspection, you should also perform preventative maintenance on other parts of your school building. An example of this is examining the caulking or other seals around your windows and doors to ensure that no cold air can seep into the building from outside or that the heat will not escape from the building. If you see a problem, you must address it immediately. Of course, there are many other examples we could talk about, but you know your school the best, so we are certain that you can make your own list for this part of our checklist.

Autumn Is the Ideal Time for a Roof Inspection

Next on your checklist should be a roof inspection to learn if the summer weather caused any damage to it. Roofs can leak due to this damage and as a result, problems can occur in other parts of your building. Also, winter is not the time to need a roof repair since the weather may be unfavourable for such an activity.

Spruce up the Landscaping

The Autumn also is time to clean up the landscaping of fallen leaves, dead plants and other unsightly debris. Depending upon the type of grass that is part of your landscaping, it may also be time to seed to ensure that the seed sprouts first thing in the spring.

Create or Improve Your Cleaning and Maintenance Plan for the School

Along with all the other things on this Autumn cleaning checklist, you should create or improve your cleaning and maintenance plan for the school. You may even need to hire professional help to ensure that your school is properly clean, sanitised and maintained.

For further facts about what should be on an Autumn cleaning checklist for school facilities, turn to Ausbright Facilities Management. We specialise in facilities management and body corporate cleaning of all types of buildings, including school facilities.

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