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Biodegradable Cleaning Products’ Importance to Our Kids Safety and Health in Schools

11 November 2016

Today, we understand the detrimental effects of cleaning with chemically based solutions that are not biodegradable. Not only do they harm our outdoor environment by polluting the soil, air and water, but they also negatively affect the inside atmosphere of the schools, which in turn, cause our children to suffer physically from exposure to the toxic chemicals. For this reason, we cannot stress the importance of using biodegradable cleaning products in schools enough for the safety and health of our children here in Australia.

The Benefits of Using Biodegradable Products for Cleaning Schools

1. Healthier School Atmosphere

The learning atmosphere will be healthier with the use of these cleaning products on the flooring and other areas of the school. The air will not burn the eyes, nose or lungs of children. As a result, kids will suffer fewer bouts of respiratory and other issues. On top of this, the tables and other items in the school will not be toxic to the touch. Allergic skin reactions often happen when other less favourable products are used to clean the school’s equipment, tables and chairs.

2. Less Harm to the Environment

As the crews dispose of the cleaning solutions for the schools, less harm comes to the environment when these solutions are biodegradable than when they are full of chemicals. They may even nourish the soil and waterways when they breakdown since they contain a number of natural ingredients.

3. Biodegradable Cleaning Solutions Are Free of Known Carcinogens and Other Problematic Ingredients

Another benefit of using biodegradable cleaning solutions in school is the fact that they are free of known carcinogens along with other troublesome ingredients, such as triclosan. The latter ingredient is a popular antibacterial agent in certain soaps and it can interfere with the normal thyroid and hormonal processes of the body.

4. Biodegradable Cleaners Contain Little or No Artificial Fragrance

Cleaners that are biodegradable contain little, if any, artificial fragrance. When they have an aroma, it comes from its natural ingredients, not from added artificial fragrances. Children can be sensitive to these fragrances and they may suffer allergic reactions or even asthmatic attacks from excessive exposure to them.

Turn to Ausbright Facilities Management to receive healthy, safe cleaning services in your school. We use only biodegradable cleaning products when we clean educational establishments. Ask us about our unique “Enviro-Green-Clean” program that dictates how we use only biodegradable, non-toxic products with all of our school cleaning services.

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