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Builders’ Cleaning and Post-Construction Clean-Up Services in Melbourne

Blog | August 14th, 2018

Once you finish your construction projects, you also will need to hire reputable builders’ cleaning and post-construction clean-up services in Melbourne. After all, you cannot sell or lease your projects until the building and surrounding areas are free of dirt, dust and debris. To undertake the cleanup on your own, is overwhelming at best, and not the ideal way to spend your company’s resources. It is far more economical and efficient to employ a professional company to perform all of the necessary post-construction cleaning for you. By doing so, you can keep your attention focused on other important construction matters.

What Expert Builders’ Cleaning and Post Construction Clean-Up Services Include

  • Professionals will clear away all material debris from the building and surrounding area quickly and safely. This debris can include trash, timber, stone, brick or metal components along with other elements.
  • The useful debris will be recycled to ensure that the cleanup is eco-friendly. Timber, metal, brick, stone and other elements can be transformed into other products or possibly used in other building projects just as they are.
  • Non-useful debris will be disposed of in a safe fashion according to local regulations and codes.
  • Removal of dust and dirt from the exterior and interior areas of the building. Regardless of where the dust and dirt settles on the building, the professionals will remove both with the latest, most effective methods.
  • Washing the windows is another part of these services to ensure that they are clean, streak-free and attractive. Professionals will use safety equipment when necessary to reach exterior window surfaces.
  • Disinfection of all pertinent areas, such as bathrooms, food-prep areas and eating locations, should also be a part of these services to ensure that all of these areas are safe for the new owner or tenant to use upon taking possession of the property.
  • Pressure washing of parking lots, walkways and certain areas of the building when necessary. Certain areas require pressure washing to ensure that all the unwanted elements come off them completely. The solution that the machine emits is perfectly safe and will not harm the pavement, building exterior or landscaping.
  • Whether the crews are cleaning floors, countertops, windows, woodworking or other elements of the building and property, they will use the correct techniques and solutions in order to prevent any damage from occurring.

For further details about builders’ cleaning and post-construction clean-up services in Melbourne, consult with Ausbright Facilities Management. We state this since our company specialises in not only these services but also other ones that help keep your building and property in a clean and an ideal condition at all times.

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