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Business and Facility Opening after Lockdown: Why Preparedness Matters

28 August 2020

Lockdowns that revolve around businesses and facilities may be unusual before, but the current global health crisis has changed the way we perceive them. Locking down businesses and facilities are essential so that the total COVID-19 infections will not significantly rise. Businesses may temporarily stop earning but following lockdown protocols allow them to help the country fight off the pandemic.

Once the lockdown measures are relaxed, businesses must now do everything to keep everything in place. Owners of commercial properties must prepare for the return of their operations following the minimum health protocols that are established by the health professionals. After all, maintaining the safety of all the people inside a commercial property must be the top priority of every business owner.

Significance of Being Prepared after Lockdown

The lifting of lockdown measures does not necessarily mean that a state or the whole country is now safe from the virus. Doing this only entails the need to balance the fight against the coronavirus and the plan to recover the economy. Weeks of lockdown measures can already incur huge losses to a lot of businesses. And for them to recover, they must operate again after lockdown as soon as possible.

If you are a business owner or manager, you do not have to wait for the lockdown to be lifted just to come up and do some necessary measures for your commercial property or establishment. You are mostly advised to develop a plan that will ensure the strict implementation of minimum health protocols inside the facility. Moreover, you must also make sure that your properties will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before allowing employees to go in and work. After all, there are more other risks associated with an uncleaned property other than the current dominant threat.

Preparing for the Business and Facility Opening

Once the lockdown is lifted, there are numerous cleaning companies that you can contact for the needed cleaning and disinfection of your business or facility. Hiring a professional cleaning company can help you carry out a grand plan that will ensure the health safety of you and your employees amidst the pandemic.

The identification of all the frequently touched surfaces and high traffic areas must be initially done so that the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting them will be amplified. Surfaces that are mostly touched by a lot of people include doorknobs, light switches, photocopying machines, stair handles, taps, and sinks. Areas that are always packed with people are restrooms, entrance and exit points, and reception.

Once all key surfaces and areas are identified, the frequencies of cleaning and disinfecting them must be set according to their properties. As mentioned, frequently touched surfaces and high traffic areas must be cleaned in more regular intervals than surfaces and areas that are not often touched and visited. Formulating the cleaning frequencies of each surface and area can easily help cleaning professionals carry out their tasks. These cleaning frequencies can also be monitored by the business owner.

All the cleaning resources and equipment needed to carry out regular cleaning and disinfection must be present once the daily operations of the business resume. Getting an appropriate amount of stock for all the needed cleaning products is very much recommended to ensure that the business or facility will always be cleaned, sanitised, and disinfected. Aside from cleaning products, purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like masks, gloves, and eye protection for cleaning professionals as well as for your employees can also be done so that they can all work safely and confidently.

Being prepared can assure you and your business to thrive again and recover from the effects of the pandemic. Ensuring that your facility is clean and safe for work can resonate positive mindset among your employees despite the current situation.

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