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How the COVID-19 Pandemic has Altered Professional Cleaning Services

08 April 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has paved the way for numerous changes in humanity. It has somehow forced many businesses to conduct important processes virtually. Likewise, it changed the way people live as they now rely heavily on online and digital services. The pandemic has also made property owners appreciate the services and benefits offered by professional […]

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Know the Dangers of Using the Wrong Cleaning Supplies

26 March 2021

Today, there are a wide array of cleaning tools and products out there that can be utilised by different property owners and even cleaning professionals in terms of cleaning and disinfecting properties. A lot of them can be deemed useful in maintaining the cleanliness of rooms and spaces, as long as they are used according […]

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Key Areas in a Bank that Should be Regularly Cleaned

11 March 2021

Banks are frequently visited by a lot of people for them to conduct numerous important transactions. And to keep their banks relevant, owners or managers of banks must do everything to entice people to continue visiting them. One great way of enticing clients to transact with them is to clean the whole place regularly.With a […]

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Keep Your Commercial Building Safe and Clean with Pest Control

24 February 2021

When it comes to maintaining the physical appearance and structural integrity of commercial buildings, property owners must regulate, control, or even eliminate certain elements to prevent their deterioration. After all, these elements can easily cause damaging effects to these buildings when left untouched. For one, dust particles that accumulate in one area can not only […]

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WC & Urinal Sanitising Service: Importance of Having Clean Restrooms

11 February 2021

Restrooms that are located on offices, commercial establishments, and other public places are often visited by a lot of people. Hence, these restrooms are expected to be bombarded by dirty elements and harmful microbes, especially on frequently touched surfaces and areas. Given the presence of these elements, restrooms should be cleaned and maintained regularly to […]

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