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Child Care and Day Care Centre Cleaning Services in Melbourne

24 July 2017

Best quality Body Corporate Cleaning companies in Melbourne offer well trained and experienced cleaning and maintenance teams for thorough cleaning of all areas of child care and day care centres. Team members use environmentally safe cleaning agents and safe, well maintained cleaning equipment. Each member of the team is well informed about health and safety practices for cleaning rooms and buildings that are used each day by young children and teachers. Although cleaning products are composed of natural, non-toxic ingredients, they are safely stored in locked storage closets, well out of reach of youngsters after every cleaning session. Cleaning equipment is also safely stored in secure areas away from classrooms and play areas to prevent any accidents involving the children.

Safety Measures Used By Responsible Professional Cleaning Services Today

Everyday practices now used by reliable professional cleaners for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children, teachers, administrators and staff of child care and day care centres include the following:

• Use of Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Products. – Good caliber cleaning companies that offer day care and child care centre cleaning services are committed to using only safe, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning agents. The owners and management of these modern cleaning companies have pledged their support to preserving the natural environment while ensuring safe and healthy facility interiors for the daily use of children, teachers and staff members.

• Maintenance of Good Hygiene for Restrooms. – All child care and day care centre restrooms are thoroughly cleaned every day, meeting the standards of good hygiene that quality cleaning teams provide. All trash receptacles are emptied and cleaned on a daily schedule, and all toilets and other restroom fixtures are well cleaned and disinfected with highly effective natural and safe cleaning products. Walls are scoured and floors are carefully mopped to rid these rooms of any potentially harmful bacterial buildup.

• Cleaning of Classrooms and Playrooms. – Classrooms in child care and day care centres are thoroughly cleaned each day, including all desks, tables and seating areas. Playrooms may require more heavy-duty cleaning, including chairs or benches and recreational equipment. All of these more powerful cleaning agents are natural, non-toxic and environmentally safe for daily cleaning in areas used by youngsters.

When you engage the professional cleaning services of Ausbright Facilities Management of Melbourne, your child care or day care centre will receive thorough,excellent cleaning services on a regular schedule. This highly respected and experienced company will ensure that all cleaning agents and equipment meet all standards for top-rated eco-friendly cleaning practices. In addition, the Body Corporate Cleaning team will follow all Occupational Health and Safety measures while cleaning your building interiors, safely locking all cleaning agents and equipment away and out of the reach of youngsters enrolled in child care and day care programs when cleaning procedures are completed.

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