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Choosing between DIY and Professional Window Cleaning for Your Commercial Building

27 September 2021

Commercial buildings are designed and constructed so that businesses can achieve their aspired goals and objectives. From reaching a wider audience to earning substantial revenues, these buildings can surely help businesses sustain their optimal daily operations.

But before these buildings can help businesses fulfil their purposes, building owners and managers should clean and maintain them first. Cleaning and maintenance of these buildings are essential so that they can generate great first impressions. These activities are also necessary so that employees can feel motivated in doing their jobs. Commercial buildings that are clean and well-maintained can likewise prevent most people inside the properties from obtaining illnesses and diseases.

One part of the commercial building that must be cleaned is the windows. Some clean them without any professional help, while others hire professionals to have them cleaned. If you are choosing between DIY and professional window cleaning, then here are some things that you should know about them.

DIY Window Cleaning

Do it yourself or DIY window cleaning may be done at home properties since they boast few windows. But when it comes to commercial buildings, DIY window cleaning is not recommended for various reasons.

In-house cleaners of commercial buildings often spend their time maintaining the cleanliness of rooms and spaces. If they allocate some of their time in cleaning the windows thoroughly, the rooms and spaces on these buildings may not be maintained properly, which can gradually result in deteriorated performance and revenues. And even if the in-house cleaners can clean everything, their energy might not be enough in maintaining the cleanliness of the buildings in the long run. Another reason why DIY window cleaning is opposed for commercial buildings is that it can be costly. Cleaning the windows with the wrong products may only make them worse. It may even introduce damages to the windows.

The only time DIY window cleaning can be done in commercial buildings is if the management has enough cleaners. It can likewise be done if they are knowledgeable in window cleaning and can maintain safety throughout the operation.

Professional Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning, alternatively, pertains to the hiring of professional cleaners to conduct the cleaning of the windows. These cleaners are trained and licensed to conduct such works, ensuring that all resources of their clients are maximised effectively.

Having the windows cleaned by professionals can be great for commercial buildings because of different reasons. First, these professionals have been trained so they can carry out the window cleaning process optimally. With their training, they can maximise cleaning products and tools that are perfect with the type of windows property owners possess. Moreover, these professionals ensure that the windows are truly cleaned, leaving no traces of streaks and stains. This specific result is not guaranteed with DIY window cleaning. Another reason why professional window cleaning services are great for commercial buildings is that they are way more affordable than DIY window cleaning.

Safety, fortunately, is prioritised by cleaning professionals. Hence, professional window cleaning can surely cater to commercial properties with windows that may be difficult to reach and clean.

To have your windows cleaned by professionals, you can contact us at Ausbright Facilities Management.

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