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Clean Restrooms in Health Care Institutions Help Build Trust among Patients

15 March 2019

Health care institutions play a vital role in the well-being of their patients, but this does not lessen the nervousness patients feel about relying on these institutions. Therefore, hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes and other medical establishments must do everything possible to make their patients feel comfortable in their care. This includes providing the best possible personnel, a pleasant atmosphere and a clean and sanitary building, including the restrooms. Yes, clean restrooms do help health care institutions build trust among their patients.

Restrooms Are Ideal Breeding Grounds for Germs and Other Pathogens

After all, these rooms can harbour a multitude of germs and other unsavoury elements that can cause a wide range of illnesses that range from influenza to more severe issues, such as MRSA. Keeping these rooms clean may seem like a monumental task when you are in charge of one of these institutions, but if you rely on our company, Ausbright Facilities Management, we will deliver optimal results and assist you in your goal of building trust in your patients.

Our Company Cleans Restrooms According to Your Needs 

Crews from our company deep clean every inch of your bathrooms for the WCs or urinals to the sinks and countertops. They also ensure that the floors in these rooms are as clean as possible. Our company works with you to create the cleaning schedule that is suitable to meet your needs all throughout the year.

We Supply a Variety of Hygiene Services for Your Restrooms

• During our cleaning visits to your establishment, our crews will deliver superior WC and urinal sanitising services that clean not only the outer parts of these items but also their pipes to prevent malodours. Uric acid, lime scale and bacteria can build up over time if cleaning techniques and solutions do not reach down deep enough to remove them. Our sanitising systems perform the job efficiently and effectively.

• We supply each restroom with air fresheners in either a fragrance or pure air option to keep your restrooms smelling pleasant day in and day out.

• Since it is crucial that patients wash their hands after they use the restrooms to relieve themselves, we provide soap dispensers filled with liquid soap next to each sink. We refill whenever necessary to ensure that the dispensers are never empty.

• Our company also provides toilet paper and hand towels to your restrooms.

• Our sanitary disposal service will keep the women’s restrooms free from issues from sanitary products being flushed down the toilets where they can cause blockages.

Ausbright Cleans in an Eco-Friendly Fashion

Another way that our company can help you build trust with your patients is by providing you with environmentally friendly cleaning techniques and products. By doing so, we preserve your air quality while protecting the environment from unnecessary toxic chemicals. Contact us for further facts about our services at your earliest convenience.


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