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Commercial Spring Cleaning: Tidy Up Before the Holiday Season

20 November 2020

The holiday season is fast approaching, which is why owners of commercial spaces must now prioritise the cleaning and sanitisation of their places. After all, it is guaranteed to be much enjoyable if they and other people temporarily leave these spaces without any signs of dirt, microbes, and other hidden issues.

Commercial spring cleaning must be done thoroughly. This type of cleaning entails not only the actual cleaning of rooms, areas, and their respective surfaces, but it also deals with the necessary fixes and improvements that must be done to ensure the quality of the mentioned places. If you currently own or manage a commercial space or building, then here are some things that you can do to tidy it up.

Inspect the Whole Area

Before conducting any cleaning activities, you must first inspect your commercial space or building. The purpose of this inspection is for you to pinpoint the situation of the commercial space and know both of its biggest and smallest issues. Most cleaning activities can be done without any assessment. However, it would be best for you and professional cleaners to have a wider look at the true condition of the space. Some places that you may have to check include ceilings, doors, flooring, and storage shelves.

Deep Clean the Flooring

One cleaning activity that must be done to your space is to clean the flooring. While most floors are cleaned every day, their innermost layers may have already been exposed to elements that can damage them in the long run. Fortunately, deep cleaning can resolve any issues that may develop on the flooring. For carpeted flooring, they must be shampooed to remove damaging stains. Tile, hardwood, and concrete flooring, alternatively, must be cleaned with appropriate cleaning solutions and tools. Re-finishing or re-sealing may likewise be done to improve appearance, prolong service life, avoid expensive replacements.

Tidy Up Interior Walls

Some commercial buildings may have walls that do not attract too much dust and dirt. Others, however, do attract these dirty elements easily. Without proper cleaning, these walls may have chipped paints or cracks that can be costly to repair. If these issues have already occurred to your walls, then you must repaint or recoat them immediately. But if your walls have large cracks, then a professional must be hired to assess and carry out the necessary repairs. Aside from chipped paints and cracks, walls, ceiling corners, and windows that are full of dust and dirty marks must be cleaned and wiped off thoroughly.

Clean Up the Exteriors

Most cleaning activities prioritise the spaces inside the commercial buildings, but there is also a need to freshen up the condition of their exteriors. The exterior areas of your commercial space like walkways and parking lots must be cleaned through pressure washing so they do not deteriorate as the weather condition changes very soon. Additionally, all waste materials, dust, and debris must be removed. Your windows and walls must be also cleaned from the outside to enhance the look of your commercial space. Proper maintenance of your landscaping and outdoor design must likewise be done by professionals.

There are many more spring cleaning tips that you can do for your commercial space or building. To learn more about them, feel free to contact us at Ausbright Facilities Management.


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