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Correcting Misconceptions About Facilities Management Services

14 December 2022

There are a lot of common misunderstandings concerning facility services. Unfortunately, although the modern office environment has evolved significantly over the past few decades and roles and responsibilities are undergoing significant shifts, our conception of the kind of facilities that should be provided has not altered.

We continue to think of facility experts as people who are unnoticed, less personable, and fly under the radar compared to the various other real estate services industry professions. However, in today’s competitive and fast-paced working environment, facility service providers play an essential and unrivalled role. Facility services are an excellent ally in a company, as working with them allows you to ensure that your place of business is operating as correctly and effectively as is feasible. In other words, having facility services is an excellent asset to have.

Today, we will discuss the most common misunderstandings regarding facility services.

The Cost Is Significantly Higher

One of the most significant warning signs for amenities administration is the belief that it is priced above their means due to its high cost. This is a misconception that continues to exist worldwide, particularly in regions where facility services are yet relatively untouched and underutilised in the market.

Instead of concentrating just on work order expenses while developing a facility service provider, one should look at the business from the perspective of the total cost of ownership. When creating a budget for every expense, you must discuss specific goals with your present technicians and carefully negotiate terms of connection with third-party businesses that you have independently studied and recruited. It takes time. It requires skill to do so. And having cash on hand is essential for navigating issuer relationships. However, by outsourcing the management of your facilities to a third-party service provider, you may reduce the amount of administrative work you have to do and cut down on the amount of money you spend on annual services.

You Will Lose Both Visibility and Control of The Situation

According to a survey, almost one-third of all facility service providers optimise their operations with nothing more than pen and paper or straightforward Excel spreadsheets. And even if you only have a few dozen sites, that is not nearly enough to manage them effectively.

Work instructions written on paper may provide visibility, but this is only an impression. When there is a backlog of work orders, you do not want to risk losing track of anything in a mountain of paper. The remaining two-thirds of poll respondents who use the order administration system are subject to a variety of other universal truths, including the following:

Most fail to get the most out of the built-in capabilities of their system, most have very little to no long-term service data collection and fail to rhythmically manage information regarding asset assurance and insurance plans, etc. If you choose the right facilities services provider, you should be able to solve all of these issues and get closer to achieving your organisation’s goals.

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