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Covid-19 and Decontamination Cleaning Services: Importance in Healthcare and Medical Facilities

03 December 2020

While more and more countries are continuously testing and coming up with appropriate vaccines, the fight against COVID-19 still goes on today. And one of the most helpful ways in eradicating the virus in a given space or area is through thorough decontamination cleaning.

Decontamination itself is a process of eliminating contaminants on a specific object or area. Aside from contaminants, the process of decontamination likewise tackles the removal of chemicals, microorganisms, and radioactive substances that can be harmful to people. Fortunately, services revolving decontamination cleaning are being offered by numerous reliable and professional companies.

Decontamination Cleaning in Healthcare and Medical Facilities

Healthcare and medical facilities take in patients that are sick or feeling ill. So, with the current global health crisis, there is a huge chance that some of these facilities have already been infiltrated by the COVID-19 virus at some point. Without proper cleaning, the particles that would help COVID-19 spread would surely be passed on to those who are going in and out of the premises.

Through decontamination cleaning services, healthcare and medical facilities can easily avoid and prevent the aforementioned situation. The cases of COVID-19 infection would stay low once these cleaning services are conducted regularly. Even with the absence of the virus, these cleaning services can still help eradicate other viruses and microorganisms that can cause sickness to select people. Cross-contamination around these facilities is also prevented with decontamination cleaning services.

Decontamination cleaning services do not only deal with the microscopic elements. They also provide the needed cleaning for the physical and visible marks and dirt that may have accumulated for days. After all, healthcare and medical facilities are required to be cleaned regularly, even before the pandemic started.

Main Processes involved in Decontamination Cleaning Services

Decontamination cleaning services are typically done with three main phases.

The first phase would normally revolve around the collection of adequate information, mobilisation, and setting up the place. Identifying all the potential viruses around a facility is important so that the cleaning professionals would know how to deal with them. Other information about the viruses that are often collected by the cleaning companies includes their life cycle, transmission rate, mode of transmission, mortality rate, symptoms associated with them, and their incubation period. Mobilisation and proper setup are both carried out to prepare the areas as well as the cleaners for the decontamination proper.

The second phase of decontamination cleaning services is the decontamination itself. All the necessary cleaning methods will be implemented so that all identified viruses will be removed completely. The cleaning of areas and spaces, including those that are prone to virus exposure, is done in accordance with the protocols and regulations set by the authorities. From wearing of personal protective equipment to following basic hygiene, all these protocols are followed to avoid the spread of diseases.

The final phase of the services is the verification process. The purpose of conducting this phase is to confirm if the strains and elements of diseases and viruses have decreased in number. It also ensures that healthcare and medical facilities are now safe to go to.

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