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Does Ineffective School Cleaning Put Students at Risk?

23 March 2020

A school is a place where students learn and explore different things every day. It is a venue for sharing thoughts and ideas and a platform for unleashing talents and skills. As students and teachers share common facilities for long hours, it would be just to have these facilities clean all the time. After all, they must share ideas, not germs and infectious diseases.

Research about School Environment

School is one of the public facilities that must be cleaned every day. The cleaning procedure for schools must also be thorough and meticulous. As a matter of fact, cleaning a school must be done carefully to prevent the growth of possible breeding grounds for bacteria. Based on some researchers, they have found out that cleaning a school without using the right tools and procedures can cause a lot of things.

One of the things that might happen with ineffective school cleaning is the exponential rise of bacteria within a school’s shared equipment such as computers and table surfaces. Restroom toilets seats can also be manifested with the same number of bacteria and germs. Speaking of the restroom, it is believed that classrooms had a higher bacterial count than the restrooms. So, if you think that the restroom is the dirtiest place in your school, then look again.

Studies have also found out that school cleaning services often overlook the cleaning procedures in various touchpoints such as door handles, desks, and stair railings. Some services just clean these touchpoints for seconds and move on to the next cleaning tasks. Lastly, mats found on gyms are said to be the great haven for bacteria due to their exposure to dirty mops, sweat, grime, and other harmful contaminants.

The Importance of Proper School Cleaning

The things mentioned above have a direct impact on your students since they are exposed to bacteria and germs, which can, later on, turn into serious sickness. Some of them might have a strong immune system and can withstand exposure, but others don’t. So, it is still your responsibility to make your school cleaning a priority before doing anything else.

After all, effective school cleaning can help prevent illness among your students. As an effect, absences among your students will be reduced by a significant number. Aside from preventing sickness, a clean school can enhance the learning experience of your students. Your students will no longer contract diseases that would force them to stay at home. Moreover, they won’t also be missing any lessons from their respective instructors as they are always present. The continuous presence of students in their classes can yield higher school performance and improved standardised testing scores.

Providing effective school cleaning can give your students assurance that they can learn well without thinking about their health. To know more about effective school cleaning, you can give us a call at Ausbright Facilities Management.

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