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General Strategies in Cleaning Healthcare Facilities

07 June 2021

A clean property is generally important to ensure that all people inside its premises will be safe from obtaining any diseases or illnesses. Additionally, it will allow people to feel more confident and comfortable while they are inside the property.

One property that requires thorough cleaning and maintenance is the healthcare facility. Since many patients and visitors are in these facilities, the number of microbes and other particles in high traffic areas can be abundant. Even surfaces that are not frequently touched can obtain airborne particles due to air circulation inside the healthcare facilities. Without any proper cleaning and upkeep, several patients may acquire additional infection and complications during their stay.

To avoid infecting patients with more diseases and illnesses, healthcare facilities must be cleaned properly. Here are some cleaning strategies and techniques that can be done in these facilities.

Conducting a Thorough Site Assessment

Just like other properties, healthcare facilities must be assessed first before conducting the necessary clean and upkeep. The purpose of the site assessment is to pinpoint surfaces and areas that should be prioritised. It can likewise determine the presence of damaged furniture piecesas well as obstacles that can pose difficulties to the cleaning procedures. A site assessment can also confirm if additional personal protective equipment or supplies are needed.

Proceeding from Cleaner to Dirtier Areas

Another key strategy in cleaning healthcare facilities is to clean from cleaner to dirtier areas. One primary reason behind conducting a clean with this order is to ensure that dirt and microorganisms will not spread along the way. Low-touch surfaces and patient areas are classified as cleaner areas, while high-touch surfaces and patient toilets are part of the dirtier areas.

The cleaning of shared equipment and common surfaces must come first before cleaning the surfaces and items used during patient care. The surfaces and items that are directly touched by the patient must then be cleaned lastly to avoid spreading any microbes around the facility.

Proceeding from High to Low Surfaces

The cleaning of healthcare facilities must be conducted from high to low surfaces. This strategy prevents particles, dirt, and microorganisms from dripping or falling once the cleaning procedures take place. Cleaning the low or bottom parts first can be time-consuming since they are expected to obtain dirt again once the cleaning of high or top parts takes place.

When following this strategy, the primary places that must be cleaned first include the environmental surfaces and the bed rails. Once these parts are cleaned, the bed legs and the floor areas must be cleaned right away since most particles, dirt, and microorganisms have already fallen to these areas.

Conducting a Clean in a Proper Manner

Cleaners can easily clean and maintain healthcare facilities if they will be conducting the clean methodically and systematically. Doing this can prevent cleaners from missing areas that are supposed to be cleaned thoroughly. Professional cleaners can clean the rooms and spaces clockwise to ensure that all areas and surfaces will be covered.

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