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Green Cleaning for Nursing Home Facilities

25 January 2018

Ensuring that nursing home facilities are as clean and as sanitary as possible is serious business. When these places are not fully sanitised with the proper cleaning solutions and disinfectants, infections can spread throughout them quickly and this puts the lives of the patients and healthcare workers at risk. Today, there also is a concern about the ingredients in the cleaning products used in the sanitising of these facilities since many of the traditional commercial ones contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs that give off noxious fumes and other strong chemicals, and leave toxic residues behind even after rinsing the surfaces with clear water, and these products also will pollute the environment. To avoid these ingredients, many nursing care facilities are adopting green cleaning methods and solutions to ensure that their facilities are as healthy and eco-friendly as their patients and staff members deserve them to be on a daily basis.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products Only Contain Safe, Natural Ingredients

Eco-friendly cleaners only contain safe, natural ingredients. These elements gently clean and disinfect surfaces in a non-harmful way to those who use them and others who work or live in the nursing care facilities.

Green Cleaners Will Not Leave Residue on Surfaces

Another advantage of green cleaning solutions is the fact that they will never leave a residue behind on surfaces after rinsing. As a result, people will not come into contact with toxic ingredients that can cause skin rashes unlike when you use traditional chemical cleaners.

The Ingredients in Green Cleaning Solutions Are Biodegradeable

You will be performing an eco-friendly practice by adopting green cleaning methods for your nursing care facilities. The reason for this is the fact that green solutions for cleaning are biodegradeable, so they will not pollute the soil or ground water if they leach into either one.

Cleaning in a Green Way Is More Sanitary than Toxic Methods for Your Facilities

Since there is not toxicity with eco-friendly cleaning solutions, they are more sanitary than traditional chemical methods are for your facility. In fact, you will improve the quality of your establishment by using the green solutions for cleaning.

You Will Preserve the Air Quality of Your Establishment

Due to the fact that green methods for cleaning do not give off any VOCs, the quality of your air will remain safe for your workers and patients to breathe in daily. Just another reason for adopting these methods.

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