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Hard Floor Stripping and Sealing Services in Melbourne: Hire Ausbright Facilities to Do the Job

08 August 2019

Periodically, your establishment’s hard floors may turn dingy, yellow and totally unattractive in comparison to their original appearance and condition. To solve this issue satisfactorily, you will need to have your hard floors stripped and re-sealed by professionals. The first process removes the old sealer while the second step applies new sealer. It depends on which type of hard flooring that you have in your building as to the procedures that are used for each step. In order to receive the best possible results here in Melbourne, Australia, you should hire Ausbright Facilities to perform hard floor stripping and sealing services on your floors.

Examples of Hard Flooring That Need Stripping and Sealing?

Many types of hard flooring require periodic stripping and sealing services. Ceramic tiles, vinyl, timber, and certain types of stone are all examples of what we mean. While the first two are fairly simple to strip and reseal, the latter two may be trickier, especially if they need imperfections sanded out prior to sealing taking place.

Why Stripping Is Necessary

The reason that stripping is necessary to refurbish a discoloured hard floor is that the old sealer is what is causing the issue. Once our professionals remove the aged sealer, they can prepare the floor for the sealing stage. They also can check for damage while doing this in case your flooring needs repairing before they apply the new sealer.

Our Professionals Will Clean Your Floor After Stripping It

Once our crew members strip your flooring, they will clean it to prepare it for sealing. They will ensure that there is no residue, dirt, dust or debris that may negatively impact the results of the sealing process. Also, they will allow the floor to dry before performing the next step.

The Final Step in Refurbishing Your Floors Is the Application of Sealer

After the floor is clean and dry, our crew members will apply the sealer. Depending upon the flooring and the sealer, you may require two coats of sealer. The first coat must dry thoroughly before a second one can be applied.

We Deliver Quality Results

You should also rely on our company for hard floor stripping and sealing services due to the fact that we deliver favourable results with each project we undertake. Along with these services, we provide a wide variety of commercial cleaning and building maintenance services for various locations that range from educational facilities to medical establishments. Our company understands the need for public buildings to be as clean, hygienic and attractive as possible at all times.

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