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Holiday Season and Year-End Cleanup Checklist for Commercial Buildings

14 November 2018

Since the holiday season and the year’s end are both quickly approaching, it is time to ensure that your commercial building is ready for the festivities and next year’s business operations. We offer the following checklist to go by to ensure that you perform all necessary cleanup tasks to prepare the building in the ideal fashion for what is to come.

A Thorough General Cleaning of the Entire Interior

Your building needs the same general cleaning as it gets the rest of the year. This will prepare it for the rest of the tasks on this checklist.

Clean Windows Inside and Outside

Time to wash the windows again to ensure that the building shines in the sunlight and that you can see out of them clearly. You should make certain that this task is performed at least four times a year if not more depending upon your location.

Shampoo Carpeting

This is an ideal time of the year to shampoo your carpeting wherever it is in your building. Under normal circumstances, this task needs to be performed only once or twice a year.

Strip and Polish Hard Floors

Other tasks that you should perform to be ready for the holiday season, end of the year or for the New Year are stripping and polishing the hard floors in your building. Stripping the old wax or sealer and/or dirt accumulation and applying new wax or sealer will return your floors back to their ideal, attractive condition instead of the dingy, yellow floors that they have become over the year.

Pressure Wash the Relevant External Elements of Your Building and Property

Over the year, the external structural elements have attracted a layer of dirt, debris and pollen. Also, your parking lots and walkways have developed stains and residues from any vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic. All of these elements are easy to clean, though, by simply having them pressure washed.

Refresh the Landscape around Your Commercial Building

Do not forget to refresh your landscape during this time of the year too since it may be filled with debris, spent blooms, fallen branches and even dead plants. Also, plant new season-appropriate plants and reseed the lawn to lush up the landscape for months to come.

Perform Pest Control Measures

Another task to perform at this time of the year is that of pest control. After all, September through February are the warmest months of the year here in Australia, which means that all sorts of pests are crawling and/or flying about outdoors. They all love to invade your commercial building when people come and go from it or by other methods.

Consult with Ausbright Facilities Management to learn other items to add to this checklist for the upcoming holiday season and year-end cleanup for commercial buildings. We specialise in commercial cleaning along with building and property maintenance.

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