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How Body Corporate Cleaning Differs From Other Cleaning Services

07 November 2022

Many companies run their operations out of shared office buildings and other community facilities overseen by a corporate body. You need to hire a cleaning company specialising in body corporate cleaning so that your community areas can be adequately cleaned and maintained. This is the only way to ensure that these tasks are carried out.

It would be best if you worked with the team from Ausbright Facilities Management. When they clean common areas for our corporate body clients in Melbourne, our cleaners have received professional training and make use of cleaning equipment and materials that are suitable and risk-free.

If you are dissatisfied with cleaning the common areas in your building and want to speak to our expert body corporate cleaning crew in Melbourne, this is the ideal sign to do so at this time.

A Comprehensive Cleaning of the Communal Areas and Floors

It is common for communal areas that numerous tenants share to get more traffic than single-tenant areas; as a result, the cleaning demands in these areas are typically significantly higher than in single-tenant areas. Some common spaces may include shared restrooms and showers. These must be meticulously cleaned by trained personnel so that all employees may maintain their health and avoid injury.

Cleaning Of Upholstered Items And Carpets

Using carpets in an office or retail establishment contributes to an overall improvement in the space’s look. On the other hand, the maintenance of a stylish carpet may be tough to keep up with, even though obtaining such a carpet would not be difficult. It’s very uncommon for shared community spaces to include chairs and carpets in waiting areas that are utilised regularly; thus, it goes without saying that these items need to be cleaned and maintained consistently. A specialised specialist in cleaning for body corporates is aware of this fact, and as a result, they will proactively clean and maintain the surfaces mentioned above to guarantee that both their cleanliness and their lifetime are preserved.


As discussed, your location could feature bathrooms and a kitchen that several people share. This indicates that there will be some consumables that each tenant utilises, and Employing the services of a reputable corporate cleaning company will guarantee that stock levels are always accurate and that no one is inconvenienced in the process.

Cleaning of the Windows

The ideal workplace environment for employees is spotless, well-lit, and filled with natural light. Since first impressions are the most important, an expert Body Corporate cleaner will ensure that the windows at the entryways of your buildings are always pristine and well-kept.

Reporting And Evaluation Of The After-Service Experience

The cleansing of body corporates has its one-of-a-kind challenges. Because there are several stakeholders, all staff members must be pleased and informed. This is something that an experienced and professional Body Corporate cleaner in Melbourne is aware of, and as a result, they will work hard to provide extensive and detailed notes that can be reported to the Body Corporate Committee and all tenants in the building. This ensures that everyone is updated regarding what is happening in the building.

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