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How do Ausbright Acquire and Maintain a Team of Reliable Cleaning Staff?

24 February 2022

Many property owners today hire cleaning companies so they can make their properties not only clean and hygienic but also appealing and functional. Once their properties are clean, they can easily preserve and enhance their overall value.

Given the importance of cleaning services to property owners, cleaning companies are expected to do anything to ensure that they hire the best employees for the job. We, at Ausbright Facilities Management, make sure that our cleaning staff are experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable enough to conduct cleaning services in offices, schools, car parks, health care institutions, and so on. We likewise make sure that they can carry out any assigned cleaning jobs without compromises.

So, how do we acquire and maintain a team of reliable cleaning staff? The following are some of the processes we do to sustain high-quality employees.

Recruitment Process

Here at Ausbright, we usually employ permanent full-time or part-time staff so that all cleaning services can be offered to various property owners. And as a backup plan, we hire casual workers as our relief staff. If ever a lot of our full-time or part-time staff have taken their sickness or annual leaves, our relief staff can be maximised in carrying out our operations temporarily.

Now, to ensure that our employees can work effectively, we have committed to pay the standard award and allowance. We also provide them with the opportunity to obtain the needed training for their accreditation. The training provided to our employees is done by Jena Dyco International, a leading training provider for carpet cleaning, restoration, and associated industries.

Inclusivity is significant to us, which is why we always involve our staff in decision making. We often ask for their input regarding health and safety, quality assurance, and work practices. This way, we have easily retained a lot of our employees for several years.

Development Process

Maintaining the quality of our cleaning services can only be achieved if our employees will be trained appropriately, no matter what their experiences are.

For new employees, they are provided with on the job training. The scope of their training will rely heavily on their previous experience. But generally, their training will cover chemicals, Material Safety Data Sheets, and Occupational Health & Safety. And to ensure that they remember everything, each one of them will be provided with a copy of the “Employee Work Instructions” handbook.

As time passes, our employees are given more training to hone their skills, identify their competencies, and showcase their experience. All these things are then included in a Skills and Training Matrix, which is managed and recorded by qualified supervisors. This matrix is later updated on a six-monthly basis and/or when a new employee has joined the company, or an employee has changed assigned jobs.

To acquire our cleaning services from our reputable employees, you can contact us at Ausbright Facilities Management. We provide a wide range of facilities management services for offices, councils, commercial buildings, education sectors, medical institutions, health & fitness centres, industrial and building construction industries in Melbourne.

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