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How Property Managers Should Address the Need for Covid19 Cleaning Partners

29 June 2020

For property managers, the ongoing COVID-19 situation has truly affected their job and responsibilities. While maintaining their properties is truly a part of their work, they must now deal and comply with whatever the authorities would enforce just to stop the virus from spreading. They are, after all, are hired and assigned to handle the administration and operation of property rentals. They are keen on following the governing bodies not because they might lose their jobs, but because they want to ensure and guarantee the safety of everyone.

The Current Pandemic Situation

By default, property managers have the responsibility to handle and maintain their properties no matter what happens. And with the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the added protocols of cleaning property have added to the list of responsibilities that they should follow and uphold.

Even without the guidance from property managers, property or unit owners are highly encouraged to practice physical or social distancing protocols for their own safety. Additionally, they must also practice good hygiene like washing hands regularly or covering one’s sneeze and cough to avoid catching or spreading of the disease. Following the guidelines set by the authorities would truly help in minimising and eventually eradicating COVID-19.

At this point, one of the main responsibilities of property managers then is to ensure the cleanliness of their properties. Property rentals like apartments have public spaces that are frequently accessed and used by unit owners. Without proper cleaning, disinfection, and maintenance, the risk of spreading diseases in these areas can be abnormally high.

The Need to Hire Cleaning Partners

All the cleaning and disinfection needs of property managers can be easily done when they hire COVID-19 cleaning partners. Frequently accessed areas like elevators, gyms, laundry rooms, and lobbies must be regularly cleaned and sanitised to eliminate the chances of spreading COVID-19 among unit owners or visitors. Cleaning the surfaces of door handles, elevator buttons, handrails, and others is also pivotal in maintaining zero cases of COVID-19 within the property. All of these can be conducted by professional cleaning partners.

In hiring cleaning partners, property managers must look for three things: experience, skills, and resources. When hiring a well-experienced cleaning partner, you are ensured of truly cost-effective cleaning services. A cleaning partner that is backed up by years of excellent service in different properties only means that they are ready to combat the current pandemic without any difficulties.

The experience of the said cleaning partner must be also paired with the right set of skills and expertise. They must know how to perform tasks that revolve around cleaning, disinfecting, or decontaminating frequently accessed areas and surfaces. Some proof of competency that property managers can ask from them may include the presence of training programs and certificates of their cleaning staff.

Ultimately, a cleaning partner must have a strong network and resources for them to conduct all their services without any interruptions. They must have enough trained people, cleaning tools and products, and a strong supplier network for them to perform cleaning services at all times. They must also have enough supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure safety while doing their jobs.

Looking for these qualities will easily address the needs of property managers in getting a great COVID-19 cleaning partner for their property rentals. If you need to hire one, feel free to contact us at Ausbright Facilities Management.

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