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How the COVID-19 Pandemic has Altered Professional Cleaning Services

08 April 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has paved the way for numerous changes in humanity. It has somehow forced many businesses to conduct important processes virtually. Likewise, it changed the way people live as they now rely heavily on online and digital services. The pandemic has also made property owners appreciate the services and benefits offered by professional cleaning companies.

Since the pandemic is directly related to the spread of harmful viruses, professional cleaning services are now needed by more properties compared to before. Companies that offer such cleaning services, on the other hand, have to find ways to make their cleaning more efficient and effective.

Professional Cleaning Industry Changes

One of the few things that the pandemic has changed in the cleaning industry is the presence of more customers or clients. Given that cleaning and disinfection can both decrease the chances of getting infected by the virus, residential and commercial property owners now want to hire the services of professional cleaners. They even hire them regularly just to keep their places clean. Moreover, other places that have not hired professional cleaners for a long time now want to secure their services. From financial institutions to retail stores, they all now acquire additional help in terms of cleaning processes.

But there is still a downside with the COVID-19 pandemic. As most people are still on the way to their respective recoveries, a lot of recurring clients have delayed, suspended, or even cancelled their appointments or contracts with cleaning companies. Some of these delays and cancellations are often contributed to financial issues. Others, alternatively, are caused by the fear of obtaining the virus once property owners let other people enter their premises.

Safety Precautions and Cleaning Tasks

Given the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic to the cleaning industry, the industry has now altered some of its cleaning precautions and processes.

Adhering to the standards set by health experts, cleaning personnel now have to practice physical distancing when conducting cleaning activities. They must also wear personal protective equipment as their main protection against COVID-19. Cleaning professionals must also maintain basic yet effective personal hygiene for their own safety. These precautions allow clients to feel safe while the professionals conduct their cleaning and disinfection works.

As for the cleaning and disinfection works, most cleaning professionals still utilise cloths in starting each cleaning sessions. They also use cleaning equipment and tools that are well-maintained and sanitised. When it comes to cleaning or disinfectant solutions, cleaning professionals often follow the instructions set by the manufacturer. They also check first if they can be effective in removing COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria that can be harmful to human health. Most frequently touched areas are likewise cleaned and sanitised regularly so that any traces of viruses will be eradicated.

Ausbright Facilities Management can Help

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