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Microfibre Cloths vs. Traditional Cloths: Which Can Perform Best in Commercial Cleaning?

21 November 2019

Commercial cleaning requires the best materials and aids in order to produce a stain-free and hygienic surface. With the advent of innovation and technology, commercial cleaners have equipped themselves with the necessary material to ensure the best cleaning job for their clients. There is an ongoing debate on whether traditional cloths can still do its job with utmost efficiency. Or is it possible that microfibre cloths have taken their place in the commercial cleaning industry.

Traditional Cloths Can Cause Cross-Contamination

It is said that traditional cloths such as dishcloths and cotton mops heavily rely on a chemical solution to remove dirt. However, it is argued that these methods encourage cross contamination with the re-using of water in the same bucket across several rooms and surfaces, which in turn leads to a non-effective clean.

Microfibre Steals the Spot

Micro-fibre is a polyester and nylon fibre that is used to make fabric. The fibre is a lot smaller than a human hair. As a result, when micro-fibres are woven together, the fibres create a net-like surface that traps more dirt, debris and moisture than cotton. The nylon in the microfiber has a static charge that pulls in and traps dirt until the fibre is washed. In addition, microfibre mops use significantly less water and require minimal chemicals to clean effectively.

Studies show that the fibres of a microfibre cloth can absorb seven times their weight in water. It is believed that using only water and microfibre ultimately removes 98.9 percent of bacteria from smooth surfaces. Microfibre cloths can also be washed and reused about 400-500 times and it dries three times faster than traditional cloths.

It is also easier to use micro-fibre cloths in commercial cleaning since it reduces slip and fall potential as floors dry faster than when cleaned with conventional mops. Aside from that, the micro-fibre’s net-like structure enables mops to have more surface contact with the floor and remove more dirt than cotton mops do. Similarly, it ensures no cross contamination. And because the products can be washed and re-used many times it becomes much more cost effective than traditional cleaning product lines – mainly traditional cloths.

Your commercial facilities will be at an advantage if you avail of Ausbright Facilities Management’s services. We incorporate microfibre cloths in our commercial cleaning to ensure a spot-free surface. We also appoint an experienced supervisor to all clients and a member of our management team who will be responsible for the overall management of this client. Each client is provided with a monthly Client Service Report for each duty performed by Ausbright within their specific contract. This is to guarantee that our commercial cleaning services are at par to our customers’ satisfaction.

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