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Microfibre Technology and Its Significance in Commercial Cleaning

24 July 2018

Today, there has been important innovations made with tools available to commercial cleaning companies that help make their task easier and more efficient. One such tool includes the microfibre technology that provides highly effective and durable cloths for cleaning and dusting. As a result, professional crews can complete the jobs in less time than if they use traditional cloths. We share further facts about these cloths below to help you understand their technology a bit better.

What Is Microfibre?

Microfibre is a synthetically made fibre that contains a blend of nylon or polyamide and polyester. These materials are combined into ultra-fine strands in order to weave cloths. The strands are almost microscopic once the cloths finish the manufacturing process. Even though you cannot see the spaces that are in between the strands, they are nonetheless there and trap dust, dirt, debris and moisture highly efficiently. In addition, there is a static charge that comes with using these cloths which also aids in the attraction of dust and dirt. Microfibre cloths grab and hold these elements instead of merely pushing them from one place to another.

Advantages of Using Microfibre Cloths

• Durable enough to survive 500 washes, if not more
• Reduces the need for use of chemicals in cleaning in most cases
• A non-abrasive approach to cleaning a wide range of surfaces
• Highly effective at removing contaminants
• Lessens waste
• Microfibre mops are lighter weight than traditional mops, and therefore, easier to use

Why Commercial Cleaning Companies Are Utilising the Microfibre Technology

Commercial cleaning companies are turning to this microfibre technology today not only to reap the above benefits but also for the following reasons:

• Helps in their efforts at green cleaning since fewer chemicals, if any at all, are necessary to perform the task at hand
• Cloths of microfibre cleaning thoroughly with regular laundering methods
• Saves money in purchasing cloths over the long haul due to the fact that microfibre cloths are durable and do not require replacing as often as traditional cleaning cloths do
• Microfibre cloths can be colour-coded to prevent cross-contamination between surfaces
• Microfibre cloths are gentle enough to use on any type of surface, including such ones as those of glass, wood, veneer, laminate, natural stone, metal and ceramic

For further information about microfibre technology and its significance in commercial cleaning, consult with Ausbright Facilities Management. We offer a wide variety of commercial cleaning and maintenance services in a quality fashion. Our company practices green cleaning to protect your premises and the environment. Also, we will customise a plan that suits your needs in an efficient, affordable way.

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