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Minimise Kitchen Hazards with Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service

09 January 2023

When managing a restaurant, it must feel like the entire staff spends almost as much time cleaning as they do preparing food, right? It is a lot of effort to keep a commercial kitchen clean, but it is very required if you want to avoid accidents and illnesses and do well on your health inspections.

The good news is that if you put in a little effort and use the appropriate cleaning products, you should be able to keep your kitchen looking (nearly) as good as new. However, it is helpful to have processes that track what is cleaned and when. This ensures that nothing important is overlooked.

Floor Hazard

In the restaurant business that focuses on full-service, slips, trips, and falls account for the second-highest percentage of all injuries. If you wipe up spills as soon as they occur, maintain dry flooring, and give the floors a more thorough cleaning at the end of each day, you may help reduce the risk of injuries.

Fire Hazards

Cooking equipment is responsible for 61% of the fires in restaurants each year, which means that such fires account for more than 7,400 annual occurrences. An open flame can bring about calamity if combined with a build-up of grease and things that have not been stored correctly. In order to limit the accumulation of grease in the kitchen and to properly dispose of oily rags and other combustible objects, proper cleaning of the kitchen is vital for fire prevention.

Food Contamination

Did you know that restaurants are responsible for roughly half of all cases of foodborne illness in the United States? It is possible for there to be contamination if the areas and utensils used for food preparation are not adequately cleaned and if personnel do not follow the appropriate hygiene measures.

To lessen the likelihood that customers may become ill from consuming contaminated food in your kitchen, you should ensure that all surfaces that come into touch with food are meticulously scrubbed and that personnel washes their hands before and after working with food.

How Restaurant Cleaning Services May Assist In Maintaining The Cleanliness Of Your Business Kitchen

You may handle your commercial kitchen cleaning on your own by providing your staff with training on all the necessary cleaning procedures. However, they already have a lot of things going on in their lives. You and their burdens can be eased by recruiting assistance from other sources. In addition, certain tasks trained experts best complete.

Cursory Cleaning

The daily obligations like dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, washing down tables and chairs, emptying the garbage, and other chores may be easier with professional cleaning services.

Cleaning Up the Kitchen

Some cleaning firms specialize in cleaning kitchens and will thoroughly clean the appliances, floors, walls, and ceilings.

Services of a Specialised Kind

The cleaning of hoods, vents, and exhaust systems is an area of expertise for several organisations that also provide general kitchen cleaning services.

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