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Notable Facts about Offices that Make Office Cleaning Essential

24 May 2021

In a regular working week, offices are often filled with a lot of employees. And with their presence alone, different surfaces and areas of these places can get dirty easily. They might even cause some issues and problems if the cleaners assigned to certain areas do not conduct their cleaning activities well.

This is the reason why many office managers and building owners hire professional cleaners for them to conduct high-quality cleaning services. After all, office cleaning is essential to make offices truly tidy and neat. And with a clean office, all the people who are inside can feel more relaxed and secure. They do not have to worry about getting sick. The productivity of the office can likewise increase significantly with the existence of office cleaning. Issues and problems that may arise from dirty surfaces and office areas can also be minimised once thorough office cleaning is conducted.

Aside from the benefits of office cleaning, the following are some known facts about offices that make the said cleaning truly essential.

Carrying Millions of Bacteria

An average person can come into contact with around 10 million bacteria a day. And with numerous employees inside an office, the number of bacteria that can exist and transfer to different spots and areas can be significantly overwhelming.

Filthier than a Toilet Seat

Tables, chairs, printers, and other common things inside an office are known to have more bacteria than an average toilet seat. It is even said that the surfaces of these things can contain over 25,000 bacteria per square inch, which makes them truly disgusting if cleaning is not done properly.

Main Transmitter of Diseases

Water cooler systems, tap handles, doorknobs, elevator buttons, and light switches are known to be touched by a lot of people every day. And since workers unknowingly bring a lot of bacteria, the surfaces of these things can also be contaminated with different diseases that can affect others.

Neglected Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways of removing viruses, bacteria, and other particles that can be harmful to people. While proper handwashing has been around for a long time, data shows that many workers still do not wash their hands properly, allowing the dirty microbes to scatter around the office.

Worse Office Air Quality

Another notable fact about offices that make office cleaning essential is that they often have worse air quality than the air condition outdoors. Since most offices rely heavily on air conditioning units for cooling purposes, the air inside will only circulate endlessly, which then allow microbes to spread as well.

Absences affect Performance

Office managers have to maintain the cleanliness of their offices so that their employees will refrain from getting sick. With dirty offices, employees tend to get sick easily due to allergies, cold, and others. And as more people take their leaves, the performance of the business can subsequently decline.

If you want to obtain the benefits of office cleaning and prevent the effects of a dirty office, then feel free to call us at Ausbright Facilities Management. We provide a wide range of facilities management services for offices, councils, commercial buildings, medical institutions, and other properties in Melbourne.


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