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Office Cleaning and Its Positive Impact on Employee Productivity

30 June 2016

This year’s focus seems to be on keeping your home and office clean, and for good reason. Current research verifies that regular house and office cleaning is parallel to productivity. In fact, businesses are at risk of having a negative impact when the environment is disorganized, cluttered or dirty. Moreover, studies show that office cleaning impacts productivity as well as increase net profits for all types of businesses.

Negative Impact

If you really thought about it, a clean and organized office makes you feel better. You have a more positive outlook, more energy and you even breathe better. In truth, a clean office promotes good health and a positive attitude. On the other hand, a dirty or disorganized home or office encourages negative results:

• Lack of initiative
• Reduced productivity
• Decreased motivation
• Lowered job fulfillment
• Quality of work reduced
• Spending more time on tasks
• Reduced quality of performance
• Faster spread of illness (flu, colds)
• Increased absences from sickness
• Decreased quantity of completed work
• Reduced ability to perform at peak levels
• Lack of ability to be social with coworkers

Positive Impact

There are numerous advantages to having a clean office and home. One of the biggest benefits is that there are less sick days and reduced doctor visits. By keeping the office and home clean and orderly, you will see a great increase in productivity. In fact, a clean office will support the health of your employees and family. And with less people getting sick there is an increase of productivity. Plus, with regular office cleaning there are less germs and bacteria spreading throughout the building.

Another great benefit is that employees are more apt to want to come to work and perform their job effectively. A business that is clean and tidy is less distracting and always more welcoming. And by removing scattered and piled paperwork, clutter, overflowing trash and dirt; people are happier and more likely to want to come to work every day.

What is more, there is a reduced amount of work lost with a clean and organized office. It is always easier to find items and be productive when a room is organized. Plus, fewer significant items such as important documents are lost or damaged.

Lastly, creativity is increased by a systematic office and home cleaning and a well-organized environment. This is because a clean and tidy office creates a positive atmosphere. And when the environment is more positive, the brain has let clutter and more room for creative ideas and inspiration.

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