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Office Cleaning, and the Important Reasons Why Offices Must Have Entrance Matting

17 April 2019

Offices need to be immaculate each business day to make a good impression on clients and provide a healthy, sanitary workplace for employees. While general office cleaning on an ongoing basis is a must to accomplish this, entrance matting plays a much more integral role with this than you may think. You can buy this matting in various sizes and styles. Also, you can customise certain models to promote your brand if you so desire. In the following, read about the many benefits of installing this matting at your office entrance.

Keeps Your Flooring Safe to Walk on Each Day

When you provide entrance matting at your office entryway, visitors, clients and employees can wipe their feet to remove any wet or slippery substances from them before reaching your flooring. This prevents slips and falls from happening due to slick spots on the floor if you have hard flooring. In the event that you have carpeting for your flooring, this will keep it from staining from the unwanted wet or slippery elements.

Protects Any Type of Flooring That Is in Your Office

Entrance matting also helps to scrap the dry, gritty debris from shoes. Debris of this nature can scratch wood, laminate, vinyl and stone flooring. With carpeting, this debris can work down deep into the fibres of it and causes stains that are difficult to remove.

Provides a Good Impression of Your Office

Entryway matting helps you make a positive impression on all who enter your office. To accomplish this successfully, choose a quality, colourful, customised matting that includes your company name and/or logo. While you are making a favourable impression, you also will be promoting your brand effectively.

Interior Maintenance Is Easier with Entrance Matting

You reduce the amount of interior maintenance that is necessary to keep your office looking attractive when you install an entrance mat at your entryway. It takes many hours to sweep or vacuum and mop or shampoo your flooring when you do not take this measure to protect it.

May Safeguard Your Interior Air Quality

Clients, visitors and employees can walk through some smelly substances on the way to your office entrance. The matting catches and holds these substances and prevents them from reaching further into your office. Pesticides, pet faeces, fertilizers, and petrol residue are just four examples of these substances. As a result of the protection that your matting delivers effectively with this issue, you might protect the quality of your air quality.

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