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On Public and Common Bathrooms: WC & Urinal Sanitizing Services

11 September 2018

Oftentimes, businesses and other entities neglect their public and common bathrooms. As a result, their employees, patrons, visitors or others cringe at the thought of having to use them at all. Also, a dirty, unsanitary bathroom can cause health issues. If you own public property of any nature, you must learn about the merits of hiring professional WC & urinal sanitizing services to ensure that your bathrooms are safe, clean and healthy for anyone to use. Most employees are not experts at cleaning any element of your structure or location let alone the bathrooms. When you hire a commercial company to perform this task for you, you can reap the following benefits.

WCs and Urinals Receive Proper Cleaning and Sanitizing

Each WC and urinal will receive the correct cleaning and sanitation procedures according to your agreement with the commercial company. At times, this is daily while at other times, your cleaning crew may perform some cleaning functions in between the commercial company’s crew schedule depending upon your specific situation and property.

The Company Will Provide and Maintain Sanitary Units

A commercial cleaning company also will install and maintain sanitary units for the safe disposal of sanitary napkins and tampons. Since these items contain blood and blood pathogens, it is crucial that they be kept from the other trash to ensure that others do not come into contact with them.

You Will Receive Soap Dispensers and Regular Refilling Services

Another benefit from using a commercial cleaning company to clean and disinfect your public and common bathrooms for you is the fact that it will install and refill soap dispensers at the sinks. By doing so, it allows the users of the WCs and urinals to wash their hands before departing the bathroom for the sake of their hygiene and health.

Air Fresheners Will Help Your Bathrooms Smell Pleasant

Along with all of the other services that a commercial cleaning company offers for bathrooms, it also will provide air fresheners to help your bathrooms smell pleasant. As you know, the personal business that takes place in these rooms does not smell flower-fresh without some help from professionals.

Do not allow your public and common bathrooms to be the downfall of your positive image to others. Instead, hire our company, Ausbright Facilities Management, to clean and maintain them for you with our WC & urinal sanitizing services. You also can rely on us for other cleaning and maintenance services since we specialise in performing them for a wide assortment of facility types ranging from health care facilities to council buildings.

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