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Ozone Generators for Hotel Smoking Rooms: What Are the Benefits?

18 March 2019

Since the public is super aware that smoking is hazardous to everyone’s health, hotels are under extra pressure to remove smoke odour from their hotel smoking rooms. One effective way to go about this goal is to use ozone generators. These machines are effective an eliminating the smell from not only tobacco smoke but other elements as well. Removal of smoking odours is tricky since the smoke from cigars, cigarettes and other elements can adhere to the ceilings, walls, carpeting, bedding, drapes and furnishings in the rooms. Read on to learn the different benefits of using these generators in your establishment’s smoking rooms.

Remove the Odour from Present Tobacco Smoke 

The ozone generators remove fresh tobacco and smoke odours in any of your rooms. They accomplish this by emitting ozone that then reacts with the smoke molecules in order to dissipate them.

Ozone Neutralises a Wide Range of Odours

While these generators run, the ozone that they emit can neutralise all odours from tobacco smoke even the smoke has fully permeated the drapes, furniture, walls, ceilings and carpeting. Also, ozone is just as effective at eradicating other odours, such as those from alcohol spills, fumes from glue or paint, dampness, mould, mildew, body odours, fire damage, pet urine and other sources.

Ozone Generators Are Highly Effective at Removing Party Odours

During a party or other event, your conference, ballrooms or other group rooms may also benefit from an ozone generator since these rooms can smell like not only tobacco smoke but also various foods, alcoholic beverages and even body sweat. After the guests have left the party, turn on the generator and close up the room. Leave the generator running all throughout the night and into the next day to fully deodorise the affected room along with anything in it.

An Ozone Generator Can Provide Ongoing Deodorisation and Neutralisation of Odours

When you make the ozone generators permanent fixtures in your hotel smoking rooms, you receive ongoing deodorisation and neutralisation of tobacco odours. This does away with the health hazards linked with tobacco smoke due to the fact that the air in these rooms is once again pure and clean.

Ozone Generators Are Ideal for Cleaning the Air in Any Part of Your Hotel

You do not need to use these generators just in your smoking rooms to reap their benefits. They also are highly effective at removing all types of odours in all the guest rooms, bathrooms, restaurants if applicable and lobby areas.

For further information about the benefits of ozone generators for your hotel smoking rooms and other areas of your establishment, contact Ausbright Facilities Management. We specialise in cleaning, deodorising and sanitising all types of businesses that are open to the public along with other types of buildings and venues. Also, we offer other building and property maintenance services.

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