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Pest Control Services: Why Are They Vital to Hygiene and Good Health?

04 December 2017

Without the proper precautions, commercial buildings can be breeding grounds for various types of pests. When these pests are present, they can pose a risk to human health. For this reason, you must prevent them from invading your building through various methods including effective pest control. When you pair these services with thorough cleaning procedures and schedules, you will keep pests in their rightful place and not let them set up house inside your building. Below, you will discover why pest control services are vital to hygiene and good health.

Pests of All Kinds Leave Their Faeces in Your Building

If pests are in your building, so are their faeces. They defecate wherever they travel and live. Faecal matter is full of pathogens that can negatively affect the sanitation level of your structure along with the health of those who enter it day after day.

Dust Mites Are Known Allergens

One type of common pest is a known allergen, namely dust mites. They love a warm, moist and dusty environment. Many people are allergic to these microscopic critters and their feces. People with asthma may even have asthmatic attacks. Other issues can include respiratory infections.

Pests Can Spread Diseases

Mosquitoes, deer ticks and certain other pests can transmit diseases through biting humans. Deer ticks even attach themselves for the long term if you are not careful. You may think that the interior of your building will not attract these pests, but you need to remember that they can come in when the door opens or ride in on people’s clothing.

It Only Takes a Few Pests Breeding to Cause a Full-Blown Infestation

The problem with most pests breeding inside of a structure is that it only takes a few of them to produce a full-blown infestation in just a short time. If you ignore them, they keep reproducing at an alarming rate. For example, cockroaches can increase from two to hundreds within a matter of months easily. Also, along with breeding to increase their numbers, they also invite their friends to join them.

To learn additional reasons why pest control services are vital to hygiene and good health, contact Ausbright Facilities Management. Along with our cleaning, building maintenance, consumables and landscaping services, we offer services to control the pests in your building in an effective manner. We will meet with you to fully analyse your needs in order to customise our services to your unique requirements. Let us protect the health and well-being of all who enter your establishment while creating an attractive, sanitary building interior.

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