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Plan Ahead with Commercial Office Cleaning Services for the Holidays

21 November 2022

We are all aware that the winter months and a slew of holidays cause a shift in our workplace cleaning requirements. This time of year may provide both obstacles and possibilities for you and your commercial office cleaning firm. Your demands will frequently vary as more employees take vacation time. Depending on the nature of your business, you may require less or perhaps more service from your office cleaners.

And, with so many people out of the office, it is occasionally a good opportunity to perform some serious cleaning. However, numerous variables might obstruct a clean building and your office cleaner’s capacity to take advantage of seasonal downtime. How can you make the most of downtime in your building to ensure that your offices look their best?

The benefit of Getting Some Deep Cleaning and Maintenance Done

Because most workplaces are busy, bustling places, heavy cleaning and other hard maintenance duties are sometimes pushed to the side or postponed for longer than necessary. However, take advantage of the fewer visitors throughout the holiday season to catch up and perhaps undertake preventative maintenance in preparation for the busy months ahead.

Many office cleaning services not only provide cleaning but also provide other services such as HVAC maintenance, plumbing painting, electrical, carpet and window cleaning, and other things that you may utilise to care for your facility. Do you require carpet cleaning? Do you need your floors scraped and recoated? Do you require any other items? The holidays provide a unique opportunity to do these tasks without being hampered by heavy traffic.

Keep the ‘Holiday Fridge’ from Turning into a Biohazard

When people leave for the holidays, your community refrigerator can soon become a biohazard if precautions are not followed. How often have you opened the workplace fridge after a holiday party to discover a Jenga of foil boxes ready to fall and various sundries left behind after the fun is over? The risk (not to mention the odour) of three-week-old salmon and platters of party goods that no one brought with them in their rush to begin their vacations may soon become perfect homes for moulds and other unpleasantness.

If you overlook this issue, your workplace fridge may become the most unpleasant odour in the office. We’ve discovered that the most efficient method is to arrange a regular cleaning plan so that anything that isn’t claimed within a particular period gets disposed of before it becomes an issue. This removes any hazards connected with storing food in the fridge for an extended period and allows cleaners to thoroughly clean and decrease smells.

Maintain Desk Organisation to Assist Cleaning Staff

If the desks are piled high with papers and other vital items that the commercial cleaning business isn’t sure what to do with, they won’t be able to clean them. In addition, any garbage, drinks, or other objects can make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to reach the underneath surfaces. As a facility manager, it is helpful for you to remind your employees to clean their desks and other communal areas before they leave for vacation. This will enable the cleaning staff to do their jobs effectively and complete a cleaning that is as in-depth and comprehensive as is humanly possible.

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