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Proactive Hygiene Solutions that Can Maintain Germ-Free Washroom Facilities

25 September 2020

The ongoing pandemic situation has provided many property owners a clear reason why maintaining the cleanliness of their facilities is essential. For commercial, industrial, and public properties, cleaning these spaces regularly can truly prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. People who will be passing by, working, or conducting any activity on these properties can likewise feel more confident and more secure if proper cleaning and disinfection of these places are conducted.

Cleaning and disinfection are vital to places that are frequently visited by a lot of people. One of these places is the washroom. Objects and surfaces that are frequently touched on the washroom facilities must be subjected under thorough disinfection to effectively prevent the spread of any contagious virus. Fortunately, numerous proactive hygiene solutions can easily maintain germ-free washroom facilities in most public spaces. Some of these solutions are:

Install Air Fresheners

The placement of air fresheners on washroom facilities can easily welcome people from using the facilities instead of finding other washroom facilities. Air fresheners can possess a wide variety of scents that can make the washroom smell really good. Their scent can also last for a very long time, making the washroom facility smell good all the time. The presence of these products can likewise override any bad odour that may be released or are present in the air.

Refill Vital Consumables

Consumables such as toilet paper, hand towel, hand sanitiser, liquid soap, and other personal cleaning products must be refilled regularly to ensure that the people who will be using the washroom facilities will be germ-free. People who will be using these facilities might not bring their hygiene kit all the time. Therefore, the management must supply all the needed consumables that will promote adherence to proper personal hygiene.

Dispose of Waste Materials

Another proactive hygiene solution that can maintain germ-free washroom facilities is to dispose of waste materials properly. Sanitary items that are discarded by guests on washroom facilities must be taken away after a short time to maintain the cleanliness of these places. The accumulation of discarded sanitary items can only cause the accumulation of germs and bacteria within the facility. Disposal of these items must also be done by professionals since they can easily pollute waterways if discarded wrongly. Sanitary disposal services must be conducted following OH&S and public liability insurance.

Utilise Urinal Sanitation

A lot of bacteria and harmful elements that came from deposited urine and other human waste products can spread in the air through tiny water vapours, which can subsequently contaminate the toilet and washroom. Fortunately, water closet and urinal sanitising systems can now be utilised in washroom facilities so that any germ and bacteria will be removed completely. Using these systems can easily prevent malodours and build-up of bacteria, uric acid, and limescale on washroom facilities.

These proactive hygiene solutions can easily clean and sanitise washroom facilities. Moreover, doing these things can help minimise the chance of spreading any disease within these facilities.

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