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Protection and Safety of Commercial Cleaning Providers and Workers During Covid19 Pandemic

13 August 2020

While the whole world anticipates the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines and medications, various government agencies are still asking for the public’s cooperation in mitigating the spread of the virus. From physical distancing to the wearing of masks, countries are now adapting numerous safety measures just to keep everyone safe from the said virus.

The impact of the current global health crisis has rampantly affected the economy of each affected country. Fortunately, with the formation of new normal standards, numerous industries are now gradually allowed to open and operate as long as they follow all the necessary work guidelines and protocols for their welfare and protection.

Importance of Commercial Cleaning Providers and Workers

One of the most sought out industry during these trying times is the professional cleaning industry. Companies that offer cleaning and disinfection services are often hired by different property owners today since they can help maintain the cleanliness of their respective properties. Moreover, their cleaning providers and workers are the only ones who know how to handle different cleaning issues and can perform the necessary cleaning, sanitising, or disinfecting methods.

Cleaning providers and workers know what they are doing. Given their knowledge and experience, they can truly help various commercial properties achieve enhanced appearance and reputation, boosted protection from diseases and virus, improved productivity and performance, significant reduction of workplace-related accidents, the prolonged service life of equipment, furniture, and other valuable assets, and diminished expenses for emergency repairs and maintenance.

Protecting and Keeping Cleaning Providers and Workers Safe

For commercial cleaning providers and workers to be protected and safe from COVID-19, they must follow some strict guidelines and protocols.

The safety of cleaning personnel must come from within, which is why all of them must be aware of all the information about the COVID-19. From its symptoms to its mode of transmission, they must all know all these things so that they can easily identify a possible symptom of the disease if ever they have one and subsequently report it to their management and the authorities. Some of the key symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, coughing, sore throat, fatigue, and shortness of breath. The current known transmission of the disease is through direct contact or touching a contaminated surface.

Given the transmission of the disease, cleaning providers and workers must follow strict physical distancing. The recommended distance between two workers is at least 1.5 metres, which is enough to reduce the possible exposure of a person to microdroplets from others. Complementing the practice of physical distancing is the practice of good hygiene. Cleaning providers and workers are exposed to surfaces that might be contaminated with the disease. Whether they touched the surface or not, they must still practice good hygiene by washing their hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Drying the hands completely is essential so that no other bacteria and virus can latch on.

The wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) can also keep cleaning providers and workers safe from the virus. Some of the most common PPE that they can wear include masks, gloves, eye protection, and screens. Most cleaning providers and workers, even before the pandemic, are already wearing masks, gloves, and eye protection for their own safety. This practice can still be implemented today.

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