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Quality School Cleaning Helps in Managing Asthma and Other Respiratory Problems

08 May 2017

Children of all ages can suffer health issues from exposure to an improperly cleaned school environment. These issues include asthma and other respiratory ones, and can be triggered by exposure to dust, dirt, mould, pollen, chemicals, and other allergens. For this reason, school authorities need to ensure that their buildings receive thorough, quality cleaning with only safe, non-toxic methods to control the above triggers and to sanitise the school. Further details about this topic are in the following facts.

Regular, Thorough Cleaning Removes Dust, Dirt and Pollen

When the schools receive a thorough cleaning on a routine basis, it keeps the dust, dirt and pollen from accumulating to unhealthy levels. The tables, counters and even the flooring and other surfaces will be free of these possible allergens.

Proper Cleaning Methods Prevent Mould Growth

When the schools receive a proper cleaning, it prevents mould from growing. Regardless of the species of mould, this element is a known trigger of respiratory issues such as asthma and allergic reactions. In addition, when the mould grows out of control, it can cause actual respiratory infections along with other more serious issues.

In-Depth Cleaning Disinfects School Surfaces

Cleaning in a quality manner disinfects the surfaces of the schools to remove bacteria and other disease-causing elements. Children are extremely susceptible to these elements since their bodies are still developing.

Safe, Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions Prevent Leftover Chemical Residue

Schools should ensure that only non-toxic cleaning solutions are used to prevent any leftover chemical residue from tainting the surfaces or the air. Today, we understand the hazards of using chemically laden cleaning products in the schools. The ingredients in these solutions do not rinse off the surfaces completely and give off noxious fumes that can taint the air quality and trigger asthma and other respiratory problems.

Thorough, Proper Cleaning Methods Improve the Quality of the Learning Environment

Cleaning schools in the appropriate way will improve the learning environment’s quality inside the building. This will reduce the absenteeism rate for students and help boost their performance grade-wise in most cases.

Ausbright Facilities provides quality school cleaning in such a way that it helps manage asthma and other respiratory problems for the students and even the staff members. We service the child care centres and schools in the Melbourne CBD area along with the surrounding suburbs. All of our employees hold certifications to ‘Work with Children’, and our business is approved for school cleaning by the DEECD. Ausbright has even devised an ‘Enviro-Green-Clean’ regimen for cleaning schools that includes bio-degradable, non-toxic products to ensure they are safer and healthier for the environment as well as the students.

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