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Sanitation Matters a Lot in Aged-Care Environments: Hire Professional Cleaners

20 January 2020

Aged-care facilities are meant to provide support and accommodation to frail and aged people. And since these people are more vulnerable to illnesses, the management of these facilities must maintain cleanliness at all times. After all, a clean and tidy environment can prevent people from obtaining diseases.

If you are running your own aged-care facility, then it is a must that the place undergoes regular sanitation. Maintaining proper hygienic practices and procedures may be enough to suppress bacteria and infections from spreading, but cleaning the facility itself can protect you and your residents more. With the help of professional cleaners, you are ensured that your facility will be safe from any infectious diseases that can cause harm to you and your beloved residents.

Promote Sanitation Protocol

Sanitation will be for naught if one doesn’t know how to clean themselves. One way to make sure that your aged-care facility will keep bacteria away is to promote effective ways of cleaning our bodies. The most common practice of sanitation is through washing hands correctly. Our hands play a major part of our lives since we use them to do our daily activities. Washing them correctly can prevent the spread of germs. Your aged residents, together with your staff and other personnel, must practice correct hand washing to prevent disease outbreak.

Clean Surfaces and Objects

Aged-care environments are usually made up of rooms that are similar to what we usually have at home. Just like a regular home, this kind of facilities has kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, and living rooms. These are the places where your residents often interact with each other. So, to maintain cleanliness, these places must be sanitised daily. Clean all areas of your aged-care facilities starting on the floor, walls, ceilings, windows, and others. All objects found in your facility must also be cleaned all the time. These objects include chairs, tables, utensils, plates, glasses, and many more.

Change Linen and Personal Items

Aside from the surfaces and objects on the facility, you must also make sure that the linen and personal items of your residents are changed regularly. This changing of items is very vital to the maintenance of cleanliness throughout your aged-care facility. Items like bed sheets, pillowcases, toothbrushes, bath towels, and others must be changed, most especially if one of your residents got sick.

Use Protective Equipment

Since your residents are more sensitive to diseases, you must ensure that all your staff will not spread harmful elements inside your facility. Your staff must wear personal protective equipment like masks and gloves every time they face and interact with your residents. This procedure is a must since the majority of your employees are exposed to the germs and harmful elements that are found outside the facility. Using such protective equipment can also protect your employees from getting sick.

All of these steps are crucial in maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of your aged-care facility. These steps will help your residents and even your employees become free from any threatening diseases. If you want to get your facility cleaned, then this is your chance to contact us at Ausbright Facilities Management. We have the latest cleaning equipment and technology that will help maintain the cleanliness of your aged-care facility.

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