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School and Childcare Centre Cleaning in Melbourne: Hire Only Professional Cleaners

09 December 2019

Regular cleaning of your school and childcare centre is highly essential. Children are very vulnerable to harmful bacteria, allergens and germs in these establishments so you have to make sure that you keep your school and childhood centre clean, neat and fresh to ensure the health safety of your students and staff. Thorough cleaning must be ensured to remove deep-seated dirt and debris since naturally, toddlers often put anything, even their toys, into their mouths. That is why in cleaning your school and childcare centre, you must hire only professional cleaners.

Regular Cleaning

If you hire a professional company to send crew members to your school and childcare facilities, it will set up a schedule to suit your specific needs. Whether you need the expert services on a daily or weekly basis, the company will arrange the right time and manpower. In addition, you can hire the company to perform certain tasks once or twice a year. For example, your carpeting does not need shampooing all of the time but only one or two times each year under normal circumstances. Hard flooring options require stripping and resealing only once every year for another example.

Toy Bleaching

Some schools and childcare centre have toys that may require bleaching, so the cleaning can be more tedious. It is vital that bleaching powders must be kept out of children’s reach. Also, the designated storage area should be well-ventilated as the fumes can be dangerous when inhaled. Professional cleaners will keep them in carefully sealed containers and will not forget to label them properly for quick and safe use.

Rigorous Cleaning

Instead of asking your regular employees to clean the bathrooms with only limited results since they are not experts, professional cleaners will guarantee that your bathrooms are also germ-free and clean for each day.

Ensure Sanitation

All of your desks, tables, chairs or other surfaces will receive a thorough cleaning to prevent the kids from passing germs to each other day after day. This is crucial for the health of the children in your care.

Appropriate Disposal

You will never need to worry about proper garbage and waste disposal again when you hire professional cleaning services to keep your primary school or child care centre clean and sanitary. This is because the company that provides these services understands the most efficient and eco-friendly way to accomplish this disposal for you.

To learn further ways that professional cleaning services will help you maintain your primary school or child care centre, contact Ausbright Facilities Management. We are experts in cleaning and building management. Our company will personalise a plan to suit your unique needs and situation.

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