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School Cleaning Services: How to Know if You are Getting Enough from Your Professional Cleaners

07 February 2020

If there is one thing that your school has to maintain, it is the cleanliness of everything it covers. From comfort rooms to classrooms, all of these facilities must be fully cleaned up so that all your students will be protected from any type of disease. Remember, a school is like a home for them, so cleaning its facilities is a must to ensure a productive and enjoyable learning experience.

Your hired school cleaners use the necessary tools and equipment to ensure cleanliness all over a      school. However, if you have some doubts about their performance, then you must check these following things out. These things will help you assess if you are getting enough from your professional cleaners.

Frequency of Cleaning

Every week, children go to school for at least five days to attend for their lessons. Depending on their year level, they spend almost half of the day sitting in the classroom to listen to their teachers. Given this number of school days in a week, it is hard to imagine a classroom that is not cleaned daily since we all know that children tend to leave some trash anywhere.

With that being said, the recommended frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of classrooms is every day. Cleaning the school facilities once a month is certainly problematic since trash, dust, and other waste will accumulate on countertops, tables, toilets, and bathroom sinks, which can cause the formation of harmful bacteria that might result into a contagious diseases. Keep in mind that any formation of diseases can get your students sick.

Cleaning Coverage Area

True professional cleaners know the areas that are prone to the accumulation of dirt and dust. To make everything go smoothly, they would work from the top down so that the time will be saved from the cleaning process.

They would normally clean the ceiling and anything that is found on top of the facilities so that all dust and dirt will come down on the floor. Next, they would wipe off the dust and dirt on light fixtures, cabinet tops, tables, and any other furniture that is found on school facilities. Lastly, they would sweep or mop the floor to remove all the debris that came down from the previous cleaning steps. To make the cleaning more thorough, high-standard vacuums are used to absorb all types of dust and debris across the facilities.

Selection of Cleaning Agents 

All agents used in cleaning are also important in knowing if the cleaners have done a good job. Even if some cleaning agents are very effective in sanitizing the classrooms, but they would emit different types of odour that aren’t certainly kid-friendly. On the other hand, some cleaners use cleaning agents that destroy the surfaces of the wall, ceiling, furniture, fixtures, and many more.

See to it that all cleaning agents used are safe not only for your students but also for your school properties and facilities. After all, your classroom and other school facilities must look and feel like home to your students. You might not want your students questioning about the deteriorating appearance of your school facilities.

If all these elements are met by your current professional cleaners, then you are lucky to have them in your hands. Not only that they do their job well, but also they protect your students and even all school staff from any type of sickness. You also boost their productivity and assure that your school is a safe place to go to. However, if you find your professional cleaner lack and fail in some aspect, then you might want to hire our professional cleaners. Here at Ausbright Facilities Management, we assure you that all standards for optimal school cleaning services are met.

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