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School Cleaning: The Impact on Health and Hygiene of School Staff and Children

10 October 2017

Since children spend most of the week at school, the building must be as clean as possible to ensure that the interior environment of it is hygienic to help them stay healthy. Same goes for the school staff members. For these reasons, school cleaning is of the utmost importance. If the janitorial employees only perform light cleaning week after week, they may not be removing the dirt and pathogens completely and this can negatively affect the health and hygiene of the school staff and students. With all the foot traffic that a school receives throughout the year, it requires a thorough cleaning process at all times to bring about desirable results.

Proper Cleaning Removes Dirt, Dust and Allergens from All of the Surfaces in the School

When you rely on the correct cleaning methods for your school, they will remove all the dirt, dust and allergens, such as pollen, in an effective manner. Of course, this is just one step in ensuring that your school is as sanitary as possible.

Thorough Cleaning Methods Eliminate Numerous Disease-Causing Pathogens

With thorough cleaning techniques, you can eliminate a multitude of disease-causing pathogens. One example of this is the influenza virus. Experts have proven that hygiene is the first defense against this virus spreading throughout the school.

Keeping the School in a Healthy Condition Teaches Students to Be Hygienic

When you keep your school in a clean condition 24/7, you help the students learn to be hygienic in their lives. You accomplish this by being a positive role model. In fact, you can work into the curriculum why you keep the school as clean as possible for them and the staff members as an instructional tool.

A Clean and Sanitary School Reduces Absenteeism Due to Illness

School cleaning reduces absenteeism rates with the children and the school staff members due to illness. This is true since you remove many of the pathogens that can cause illnesses.

Ensure That Your Staff Members and Professional Cleaning Company Uses Only Green Products to Clean the School

Another part of proper school cleaning is to be certain that your staff members and any professional cleaning company you hire uses only eco-friendly products to cleanse and sanitise your school. By doing so, you will not be damaging the school’s environment as well as the Earth’s with toxic chemical cleaners.

For further facts about the impact that school cleaning has on school staff and children, consult with Ausbright Facilities Management. We are experts in school and other types of professional cleaning services and deliver them in an eco-friendly manner.

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