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Spot Cleaning and After-Hours Detail Cleaning Services in Melbourne

13 February 2019

If you own a commercial or other type of building here in Melbourne, you already know what a task it is to keep it clean and sanitary on a daily basis. However, you might not be aware that it also can be a costly and a time-consuming task when you go about it in the wrong fashion. Many property owners make the mistake of hiring extra full-time employees to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of their buildings.

The problem with the above approach is that they wind up spending additional funds and their employees take longer to clean than if they chose to hire a professional cleaning and maintenance company to take care of their buildings and surrounding property. This type of company will send crews to your property to provide efficient spot cleaning and after-hours cleaning services along with other ones to address your various needs for building and grounds maintenance. We know this since our company, Ausbright Facilities Management, specialises in a wide assortment of these services here in the Melbourne area of Australia.

Types of Establishments That We Serve in Melbourne

To ensure that we reach as many property owners as possible with our services, we serve the following types of establishments in Melbourne:

• Commercial buildings
• Health care facilities
• Educational facilities
• Financial institutions
• Councils
• Gymnasiums
• Other venues

Our Spot Cleaning and After-Hours Services

We provide spot cleaning for supermarkets, restaurants, outdoor venues and other places where spills, dropped food particles or animal messes are localised to a specific area. These problems can cause employees, customers and visitors to slip and fall or make your building or venue unhealthy. Prevent these issues from costing you fines, medical fees or even legal settlements by hiring our company to keep up with these issues. Also, we will come in after your normal working hours to perform general janitorial duties, such as emptying the trash and garbage, sweeping the floors, vacuuming the carpets and cleaning the bathrooms to ensure that your building is ready for the next day. Our services for spot and after-hours cleaning can be tailored to your specific needs to ensure that we address your issues in the best possible fashion.

Benefits of Hiring Our Services

• A cost-effective solution to your spot cleaning, after-hours detail cleaning or other building maintenance needs

• We will clean in a time-effective way in order not to inconvenience you any more than necessary

• Your building and property will give a good impression to employees, clients or customers, visitors or prospective investors

For further information about our spot cleaning, after-hours detail cleaning and any of our other services, contact us at your earliest convenience. We will meet with you to draw up a personalised plan.

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