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Spring Cleaning Services in Melbourne

24 September 2018

Once a year your building and property will benefit greatly from an in-depth spring cleaning. With this type of cleaning, you should hire a professional company to perform certain tasks that are necessary only occasionally instead of daily, weekly or monthly. This prepares your building and surrounding property for the rest of the year, so that you will just need to concentrate on the more basic, general cleaning tasks. The following facts explain some of what professional spring cleaning services will provide to your building and property.

Pressure Washing the Exterior of the Building, Walkways and Parking Lots

The outside of your building can accumulate pollen, dirt and other unsightly residues over the course of a year. A spring clean is the ideal time to pressure wash the exterior of your building. This high-pressure cleaning method removes all sorts of residues from the brick, stone, wood and other exterior materials of your building in an effective fashion. Also, do not forget that this should include your walkways and parking areas to ensure that they are free of debris and unsightly stains.

Steam or Dry Cleaning the Carpeting

While your carpeting requires vacuuming on a weekly basis, if not more often, it typically requires steam or dry cleaning only once, maybe twice a year. Add this task to your spring cleaning services that you hire a professional company to perform for you.

Stripping and Resealing Hard Flooring Options

Another task that is usually a necessity only once a year is the stripping and resealing of the hard flooring that is in your building. Whether this is hardwood, vinyl or other type of hard flooring, sealant can turn yellow on the flooring and alter its attractive colour. Stripping all the old sealant off and resealing the floor will restore it to its original, eye-catching colour.

Clearing the Winter Landscaping Debris

When you hire the right professional cleaning company, it will also clear away the winter landscaping debris to ready the lawns and gardens for spring, summer and the rest of the year. After this clearing is complete, the same crew members can plant additional flowers or other plants if needed to lush up the landscape.

For further details about what professional spring cleaning services can accomplish for your building and surrounding property, consult with Ausbright Facilities Management. Our company specialises in a full line of cleaning and maintenance services that will assist you in your efforts to keep your property and building in optimal condition all throughout the year. We will design a plan that includes whichever of our services best suit your situation and needs.

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