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Summer Cleaning and Home Maintenance Checklist

29 January 2019

If you are like other homeowners, you entertain more in the summertime than you do at other times of the year since you can do so outdoors as well as indoors. As a result, you want the house and surrounding property to be in tip-top shape. Through developing a summer cleaning and home maintenance checklist, you can create a plan to accomplish this task in an efficient fashion. We share with you a sample checklist in the following to help you create your own version.

Wash the Windows Inside and Outside

Remove the spring pollen and other residue from the outside of your windows by washing them with the appropriate solution to prevent streaking. Do the same on the inside to remove dust and possible pollen that has entered through the open windows and doors during the pleasant spring weather. This allows you to view the outdoors clearly from inside the house and helps your house gleam in the sunlight attractively.

Inspect Your Patio or Deck

Summer is the ideal time to check your deck or patio to learn if any repairs are necessary for safe entertaining. Decks can collapse with a group of people on them if they are in serious disrepair. Cracked patios will allow water to seep up their concrete and further deteriorate it. The way to prevent issues with either one is to check them for issues at least each summer, if not, several times a year.

Clear the Spent Blooms from Your Gardens

Your flower gardens probably have spent blooms in them that you need to remove. By doing so, the plants will produce new vibrant ones.

Spruce up Your Lawn

Fertilise and seed your lawn, depending upon the type of grass that you have. Certain grasses do not call for either one of these actions except in the spring while other ones call for these actions in the summer months.

Pressure Wash Your House’s Exterior, Walkways and Driveway

In addition to the above tasks, pressure washing the house’s exterior, walkways and driveway are other tasks that are ideal for the summer months. Regardless of the type of house that you own, this method of cleaning is effective at removing all types of dirt and residues. The same goes for your walkways and driveway, whether they are made with concrete, brick or pavers.

Once you develop your version of a summer cleaning and home maintenance checklist, turn to Ausbright Facilities Management. We will perform all of the tasks affordably and efficiently according to your schedule. Our company also specialises in a wide assortment of other services for both residential and commercial properties.

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