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Supply of Consumables: Importance in Airport Restrooms and Washrooms

03 June 2019

Airport restrooms and washrooms receive non-stop traffic day and night with so many people travelling whether for business or pleasure, along with other people who work at or are in the terminal for other reasons. If you are in charge of supplying airport restrooms and washrooms with consumables, you must stay ever vigilant to ensure that people have everything they need at all times while they are taking care of their personal hygiene. We discuss this topic further in the following to help you fully understand the importance of a steady supply of consumables for these rooms.

Toilet Paper Helps the Travellers and Other People Relieve Themselves in a Sanitary Fashion

The one consumable that is more important than all the rest is toilet paper for obvious reasons. Travellers and others must be able to dry and clean their private parts after urinating or relieving their bowels. Nothing is more aggravating than bathrooms that run out of this paper continually. Your attendants need to check constantly throughout the day and night to be certain that toilet paper is always readily available to airport travellers and other people in the terminal.

Liquid Soap Enables People to Remove Germs from Their Hands

With the help of liquid soap, airport travellers, employees and others are able to ensure that their hands are clean and free of germs before leaving the airport bathrooms or washrooms. Not only is this important to keep everyone healthy, it is also crucial for those employees who handle food to guarantee that all edibles are safe to eat.

Hand Towels Dry Hands Easily

For drying hands after washing them, hand towels are faster and more thorough than fans blowing hot air are, according to users and experts. The towels can run out quickly just as toilet paper can if your attendants are not on watch all the time.

Air Fresheners Keep the Air Smelling Pleasant in the Restrooms and Washrooms

Often times, the importance of air fresheners is overlooked for airport washrooms and restrooms. Many do not consider these as consumables, but they should be in the list of them. No one wants to use a bathroom or washroom that smells like urine, faeces, mould or other unpleasant odours.

To receive a supply of consumables or additional information about them, turn to Ausbright Facilities Management. Along with our other commercial cleaning and maintenance services, we will supply your airport washrooms and restrooms with all necessary consumables to meet everyone’s needs. We customise the supply to ensure that it fulfils your unique requirements and preferences. All our services come with a guarantee of satisfaction.

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